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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blogpoll #10

This week's blogpoll is here and my individual ballot is here.

-- I've had Virginia Tech above Texas for about seven weeks now. Why? Because I think they are a better team and they've defeated better competition. If they played on a neutral field Virginia Tech would win by a touchdown, if they played in Blacksburg, Va. Tech would win by two scores and if they played in Austin I believe UT would win by six points or less.

-- Sorry Alabama, just now feeling it...And it hurts me because Warren St. John is a fellow member of the Lakeland family of Newspapers...But they can't score and there's no way in hell they are covering 17 on the road against Mississippi State this week.

-- This UCLA teams reminds me of the 1997 UCLA team that quietly goes undefeated and will eventually run into a bad roadblock. Lucky for them I think they can barely survive until Dec. 3.

-- TCU is getting dangerously close to the Top 15.

-- Eventually Section Six is going to have a cross-conversation with me regarding this week's FSU-NCSU game (a game I'm quite worried about).

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