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Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Thoughts..

Wow....It was a great weekend.

We'll start with the games I watched in order from first to last.

Wisconsin-Minnesota: Laurence Maroney is a badddddddd man. I'd say he'll be a top 10 pick next year. He's got the perfect NFL frame for a running back and he's just going to have a long, successful professional career. For whatever reason Glen Mason's team can't get past these points, I hate to call the Gophers chokers, but they always lose a fluke game like this and go into a second-half season meltdown. Wisconsin is a better team than I thought especially when Stocco is passing well. Defensively the Badgers are pretty awful, but they don't give up.

Ohio St.-Michigan St.: John L. Smith is a man after my heart. I often times think it's "coach speak" to hear a coach say "it's the coaches fault...we didn't do a good job of coaching them...etc", but in Smith's case I swear he was going to rip his special teams coach a new one. Ohio Stgate would be much better off on offense if Jim Tressel would leave Troy Smith alone. The kid does know how to get the ball to his skilled players. And I continue to say that Santonio Holmes is a much better receiver than Ted Ginn Jr.

LSU-Florida: Whatever Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong is making this year it's not enough. Urban Meyer should donate half of his fat (undeserved) contract to Strong for trying to save his ass. Meyer was crying in the press conference, but not half as much as Gator fans cry when they see that offense. It's time for him to grow up and learn words like "I-formation" and "max protection" or next year will be a carbon copy. The LSU defense has bounced back from the Tennessee loss, but JaMarcus Russell needs to be MUCH better in his decision making. He's got some Rix in him...for sure. Joseph Addai is a stud. I wonder what was the last time a team was +5 in turnovers and didn't win the game?

Michigan-Penn St.: With this loss Penn State proved they are for real. It was a tough loss to take though, almost brutal because they were so close. Gotta love the final play call though, a skinny post, so simple, so basic, so hard to cover when the receiver is 6'5. And give Henne credit, he put that one on the money, it was a tough throw to make under the circumstances. Well see what happens to Penn State now that Derrick Williams is sidelined for a while with injuries.

USC-Notre Dame: Reggie Bush just took the iniative and it works. The Notre Dame clockkeeper did the right thing and tried to grab this one. What a fourth down play, only one quarterback would have the balls to audible and notice the man-to-man coverage. Seriously, how many QBs would actually notice that? Neither QB brought their 'A' game but Brady Quinn played his heart out. Notre Dame needed a stronger game from its feature back. Down the stretch Reggie Bush extended his Heisman advantage by proving that he could do anything.

FSU-Virginia: I'll have grades today....And I'm not being generous this week.

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