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Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend Rewind....

I actually did this Sunday morning, but my computer crashed and out of frustration I refused to do it again...But I'll try.

Miami-UNC: Miami decided to sleepwalk through the first half and Carolina couldn't take full advantage of it when Jaworski Pollock dropped a sure touchdown that would've given the Tar Heels a 23-7 lead. Miami decided to actually play football in the second half and effectively took the ball out of Kyle Wright's hands and allowed Moss to lead them to victory. Carolina's coaching staff deserves the assist for refusing to run the ball in the second half after being so effective in the first. Miami has no chance against Virginia Tech unless Kyle Wright gets real good real quickly.

Minnesota-Ohio State: I feel bad for Glen Mason's teams. They just can get over that hump in the second half of the season. I thought that winning the little brown jug would be a step in that direction for the Gophers. Ted Ginn Jr. looked like he was shot out of a cannon on that kick return. Antonio Pittman might be the player that gets the Buckeyes into the BCS, they needed something from the running game to keep the pressure off of Troy Smith. Laurence Maroney is still a baaaaaaad man.

Texas Tech-Baylor: I caught enough of this game to know I didn't miss anything.

Florida-Georgia: Florida made 14 points stand despite the offense going into complete shut down mode after the first quarter. At least Meyer made the adjustments that I and every other columnist in the south suggested in the last month. He went to a max protection set and did some solid non-option runs. Maybe, just maybe this Meyer guy is getting the hint. As for Georgia, they had many opportunities but everytime they were stopped it was in a position when D.J. Shockley probably would have made the difference. It's a tough way to be eliminated from the national title race.

Florida State-Maryland: Well Drew Weatherford finally made a play on his own. This was a good game, I had serious feeling that Maryland would win and they played great in the middle quarters. FSU's running game doesn't exist. Maryland was dead last against the run in the conference and FSU couldn't really get much going until late in the game. It's nice to finally see what a healthy Willie Reid can do. FSU beats N.C. State on Saturday and they win their half of the ACC.

Michigan-Northwestern: Stop the presses, Michigan actually played a strong all-around game for the full sixty minutes. What's even more amazing is they way they played on offense without Hart in the backfield. I expected the drama department to really score in the high 30s against the Wolverines, but Michigan's defense continues to improve week to week.

Texas-Oklahoma State: Stat of the weekend: Texas has outscored Oklahoma State, 118-0, in the last three second halfs between the two teams. As Texas was trailing all I thought about was the 2004 game when OSU had the 35-7 lead only to lose by 21. This was basically a carbon copy of that game. And yes, Vince Young is a major threat to USC's lock on the Heisman trophy, no doubt about that.

Tennessee-South Carolina: Spurrier took Fulmer for a walk again and did it was a team that's half as talented. Not surprisingly someone had to pay for this loss and it was offensive coordinator Randy Sanders [Wire]. Only the dumbest of fans think that Sanders is the problem, he doesn't have an ounce of authority anyway. I expect Fulmer to follow him out of the door after this preseason Top 5 team finishes 6-6. Meanwhile Spurrier is one win away from bowl eligibility and if his defense continues to play this well, he might be feeling good about his chances against Florida on Nov. 12.

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