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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Va. Tech-Boston College

This is a whale of a Thursday night game. The execs at Bristol must be doing back flips.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) The Eagles have already come out the gate converting two third downs. They might have to win this game with the pass.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Not so lucky on third and seven...Oh well.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Right off the bat the Hokies come out with the pass.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Ron Cherry is the official tonight. He's probably the most hated referee in the ACC because he's so mean when he calls fouls.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Vick connects with Clowney for a 40+ yard gain and the Hokies are already in the red zone.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) Eagles hold tight and keep the Hokies out of the end zone.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) Two possessions for Boston College and two punts.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) The Hokies are driving consistently, they seem ready to turn this game into a quick blowout.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) Nifty moves by Imoh put Virginia Tech in the red zone again

-- (VT 6, BC 0) Another tight hold for the Eagles, with the aid of a penalty, and they stay within one score for at least another five minutes.

-- (BC 7, VT 6) Ugly, wobbly pass somehow finds a BC receiver in the end zone. Talk about a fluke...although the screen play before it was well executed.

-- (BC 7, VT 6) That pass was so ugly (How ugly was it)...That pass was so ugly, that Jim Tressel almost gave Porter a scholarship (laughter ensues)...

-- (BC 7, VT 6) BC will have to get something accomplished on defense because they aren't going to outscore Tech.

-- (VT 13, BC 7) *shakes head* falling for a reverse BC? C'mon.

-- (VT 13, BC 7) Now the Marcus Vick show is ready to begin. He has completely owned this drive, I think he calls his own shot to get in the end zone.

-- (VT 20, BC 7) Rollout and another touchdown. Is the rout on?

-- (VT 20, BC 10) The Eagles showed a lot of pride and ALMOST got in the end zone before settling for a field goal.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) The Hokies are like 7-for-10 on third downs or something. Vick seems to live for the third and long situation.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) Erin Andrews is going for the Sherlock Holmes look tonight.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) Virginia Tech's receivers don't get enough credit either, but this is a strong, undervalued unit.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) 3-for-3 on third downs on this drive alone.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) DO'H! Fumble! Eagles recover and stop the Hokies.

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