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Thursday, October 20, 2005


I wasn't sure if I was going to liveblog some of this game of not. Instead we'll take running temporary notes...

-- (VT 0, Mary 0) Mike Imoh's major is apparel, that still cracks me up. I think he chose apparel over 'food digestion' and 'ceramics'.

-- (VT 0, Mary 0) Big play for the Terps QB but he jacked up his shoulder in the process. He's going stay in.

-- (VT 0, Mary 0) If Tech wins out they should go to the Rose Bowl. Four out of their last five games will be Boston College, Miami, at Virginia (grrr) and probably Florida State. That's a murder's row if there ever has been one. Texas' best remaining opponent might be Baylor.

-- (VT 0, Mary 0) Going for it on fourth? I wouldn't do that if I were you fridge.

-- (VT 0, Mary 0) Terps decide to punt (smart move) as Hollenbach goes to the locker room and takes the Terps' shot at victory with him. Bye Sam...bye victory.

-- (VT 7, Mary 0) Vick breaks off a few runs and the Hokies grab the lead. Maryland's fans got quiet with the quickness too.

-- (VT 7, Mary 0) Another three and out for the Terps and you wonder how they are going to keep Virginia Tech from taking control of this game. May I suggest an interception?

-- (VT 7, Mary 3) Tech blows two gold opportunities to extend their lead to double digits and the Terps keep hanging in there.

-- (VT 7, Mary 3) BTW I'm seriously considering a purchase of Blitz: The League. Any reccomendations?

-- (VT 14, Mary 3) Hollenback throws another pick and it's becoming painfully obvious that Maryland can't break anything on Tech's defense and Maryland can't stop Marcus Vick.

-- (VT 14, Mary 3) Just as I declare this Vick makes me look like a fool and throws a horrible interception. Thanks.

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