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Monday, October 17, 2005

Report Card: Offense

The offense gained almost 500 yards, Drew Weatherford threw for a career-high 377 yards, but thre three interceptions. The offense moved the ball well but struggled at the same time.

Quarterbacks: Drew Weatherford started out well, hitting 14 of his first 16 but only hit 21 of 43 after that and added a couple of interceptions. He was off most of the night and only completed a few passes that weren't dump offs or check down. Virginia challenged him to throw over their zone and he showed that he doesn't have the physical capabilities to do so. His throws seem to die after 20 yards of flight. Virginia dropped three more interceptions, smooth he wasn't. Grade: D

Running Backs: Lorenzo Booker broke a sweep for a 68-yard touchdown and...and....well that was about it. A team that FSU has averaged OVER 270 rushing yards/game since 2000 basically gave up on their winning ticket. Unbelievable. Grade: D

Wide Receivers: Chris Davis had an excellent game and a highlight-reel quality touchdown off of a short catch. De'Cody Fagg went down with an arm injury, but Willie Reid also had a strong game. Greg Carr caught a two-point conversion. Fred Rouse got into a shouting match with the coaches, but it was short lived and Rouse got considerable PT in the second half. 10 different players caught the ball (13 if you count the interceptions). Grade: B+

Offensive Line: Awful. Cory Niblock made a great block on Booker's touchdown run and spent the rest of the night getting flagged for holding or bitchslapped by Virginia's pass rush. His holding call took away a touchdown from Leon Washington. The rest of the line wasn't much better as the injury to Meinrod is already being felt. Grade: D-

Special Teams: Gary Cismecia continued his run of missing field goals inside 35 yards. Chris Hall did not have one of his best punting games either. Punt returns was hampered by three block in the back penalties. Grade: F

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