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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Report Card: Offense

For the most part, my blog sabbatical has ended and I think I'm going to LiveBlog tonight's ACC tilt between N.C. State and Georgia Tech to prove it. I just needed to not blog for a couple of days and relax. Take a little vacation if I can say.

So grades from the Syracuse game, which I didn't watch until Tuesday.

Offensively the team racked up over 500 yards that's why I laugh when people say the FSU offense has questions...Yeah, my first question is why didn't we hit 600 yards. The running game wasn't what I wanted and no one can pick up the corner blitz, but still things seem to be going well through four games and the record proves that.

Quarterbacks: Forget the numbers, Drew Weatherford was held in check with his touchdown pass to Willie Reid being chalked up to pure luck. Teams are starting to get a jump on Weatherford and he doesn't help himself by refusing to take chances downfield. Syracuse should've gotten two first-quarter interceptions just staying in a Cover 2. A glorified dump off to Booker is marked as a 71-yard touchdown. Xavier Lee came in for a few series and completed a pass for 56 yards and a catch-and-run for 77 yards. They need to get Lee in even earlier. Grade: B

Running Backs: Leon Washington finally looks to be back in football shape, his feet were much quicker this week. Not much to report here, like I said Booker made his presence felt in the passing game. The unit remains a threat and a focal point of opposing defenses and that cut down in production. Grade: C

Wide Receivers: Chris Davis and Willie Reid finally made some plays, which they can credit to the presence of 6-6 Greg Carr, who was double teamed. Not sure how Kenny O'Neal got caught from behind, he's supposed to be a track star. No catches for Fred Rouse makes me a sad man. Grade: B+

Offensive Line: The pass protection is getting a little better. Teams are still stacking the box and the zone blocking schemes have been tougher to adjust to than everyone originally thought. They could also do a better job of communicating when a blitz is coming. Grade: C

Kicking: Gary Cismecia made a field goal and missed one. His kickoffs were fine and the kickoff coverage was outstanding. Grade: B-

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