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Monday, October 17, 2005

Report Card: Defense

This week we'll start with the defense. They continued to be strong against the run, but Virginia quarterback Marques Hagans played a tremendous game.

Defensive Ends: Kamerion Wimbley got a couple of sacks and did a great job much of the night, the problem was Hagans started timing the rushes a slipped away in the final seconds. I can't fault the effort and at some point during the game one of the linebackers should've been a spy for the quarterback to help them out. Grade: B-

Defensive Tackles: Gave up 20 yards of rushing on 28 carries, I really can't fault that no matter how hard I try. Not much pressure coming from up the middle, but Hagans was rolling out quite a bit so it didn't matter. Grade: B

Linebackers: Maybe the worst game this unit has ever played. A.J. Nicholson had nine tackles and an interception that was called back due to one of the many penalties the Seminoles had. Ernie Sims was a disaster, aimlessly freelancing and missing tackles like Lavar Arrington. He drew two late hit personal fouls in the third period and avoided a third when he rolled over teammate J.R. Bryant's knee instead. Horrible discipline. Grade: D

Cornerbacks: Finally Gerard Ross was dropped on the depth chart, but the Cavaliers made Tony Carter's life a living hell. He was constantly picked on and won a couple battles but lost many and got flagged for pass interference twice. J.R. Bryant did a little better in his first start, but with Hagans buying himself time, neither corner could cover for the extra seconds they needed to. Grade: C-

Safeties: Part of the reason the corners struggled so much is because the safeties didn't do a lot to help them and we're consistently out of position. Kyler Hall played his worst game of the year and Pat Watkins still seems to be hampered by injury. Grade: D

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