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Friday, October 07, 2005

LiveBlogging (UConn-Syracuse)

Why the hell not, I'm bored and I can finish my last page at work during halftime.

*Picking up the action with 2:59 left in the first and UConn up 6-0*

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) The reason why I didn't liveblog yesterday's game is because watching Georgia Tech go from good in September to below average in October is becoming too painful.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) I look at this game and while I'm willing to admit that the Big East is in trouble...Give it time, this will develop into a decent little conference.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) While we're in timeout. I like UCLA over California tomorrow, should be a good game. I'll probably TiVo it off of GamePlan. I like both of these teams and coaches.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) Oh darn, The Angels have a 5-0 lead on the Yankees....Good gracious to crapola.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) Patterson completes a nice pass after some nifty moves in the pocket. First down, Cuse.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) 73 degrees and raining in mid-October in Storrs, Connecticut...Global warming?? Pashaw...doesn't exist...

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) Patterson is belted on a blitz as he throws an ill-advised pass that was tipped and intercepted...If the tipper caught it, it would have been a pick six.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) D.J. Hernandez (no relation to D.J. Venom) comes in the game and goes three-and-out. I wish Bowden would sub his quarterbacks so freely.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) I missed a couple series on a phone call but the UConn kicker just nailed a 50-yarder...Gotta love that. BTW I'll be liveblogging an FSU game for the first (and probably only) time this season.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Boneheaded special teams plays are the death of a football team. In this case Syracuse was backed up to the seven and didn't have a prayer.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) A good return puts UConn inside the 35. They can break this game wide open.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Unfortunately a block in the back penalty and a three and out just gave the Huskies plenty of space to punt.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson does the over-the-shoulder flip and it works! For a first down.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson is doing well at driving the team in between the 20s, he has a good understand of the west coast system.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Big 3rd and 3 for the Cuse and Patterson misfires...That's 4-out of-6 drives where Syracuse went into UConn territory only to punt.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) UConn has an unspectacular three and out. I take it back, the Big East is going to continue to suck.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Umm Rod Gilmore, at last check Louisville was definitely getting it done in football. Let's see 11-1 season in 2004, Top 10 ranking in 2005...Yeah they are doing ok.
-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson tries to get something downfield and gets crushed intstead. Please let this half end.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson gets crushed to open the second half and fumbles, through some bad luck hex the Huskies didn't recover.

-- (UConn 16, Syracuse 0) UConn scored thanks a great return and strong running by Caulley.

-- (UConn 16, Syracuse 0) Fields is intercepted. No surprise, UConn has been jumping on that out for a bit now.

-- (UConn 16, Syracuse 0) Hernandez, surprisingly fleet on foot, puts UConn inside the 10 and Brockington powers his way to the 1. I tell you South Florida at UConn could decide the Big East. Wouldn't that be amazing.

-- (UConn 22, Syracuse 0) Hernandez scores on the keeper...*snooze*

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