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Saturday, October 29, 2005

LiveBlogging Miami-UNC

(Picking up action at 12:25 in the 1st quarter, UNC is driving)..

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) 2nd down at the Hurricane 3 from the Tar Heels and McGill will get a first down inside the 2. So far UNC has carried over their success against Miami from a year ago.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) First a foremost I want to say that Miami's throwback unis are the shiz-nit...The green and gold looks pretty damn good.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) Edwards stuffed on first and goal.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) Baker stuffed on second and goal and the comatose crwod gets alive.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) McGill walks in the end zone on third and goal, they went off tackle and made it look easy.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) With this break I'm going to do the quickie State/ACC roundup.


Wake Forest over Duke, 28-14
Clemson over Georgia Tech, 28-24
N.C. State over So. Miss, 23-20


FSU over Maryland, 24-13
Miami over UNC, 31-14
UCF over East Carolina, 27-17

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Miami gets out to a quick start until Wright goes deep and gets intercepted...Didn't look like he had much on that throw.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Defenses are starting to take over. Right now Miami has a 3rd and short that Tyrone Moss breaks into the second for a big gain of around 30 yards.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Wright shows his agility and gains about 9 on a scramble, tack on a personal foul because of the late hit and Miami is in the red zone.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) The call looked shady at best.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) First down at the 12 and Moss pushes it inside the 10.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) A triple tight-end set can't help Moss get into the end zone. Looks like we're at 4th down.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Actually scratch that, Moss got the first down and Miami has to go about 30 inchs on four tries....

-- (UNC 7, UM 6) Moss doesn't make them wait long.

(Side Note: Holy shit is Ted Ginn Jr. fast....Good grief)

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) McGill moves the ball inside Miami territory again as the first quarter ends. So far so good for the Tar Heels.

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) Oof....when trick plays go bad...Probably not the smartest move from the North Carolina coaching staff.

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) Whoops! Bad snap and Carolina had the opportunity to recover it but Winston did a smart thing and kicked it out of the end zone...Safety..

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) No safety? Eh? Hmm...someone will have to explain that one to me.

-- (UNC 9, UM 7) Ahhh...the penalty would've put the ball at the one, but Bunting declined the penalty and the Heels do get the safety.

-- (UNC 9, UM 7) Still a smart play by Winston.

-- (UNC 9, UM 7) First down at the 50 for the Tar Heels and a nice out route puts the Heels close to a first down.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Another bruising touchdown drive for the Tar Heels and right now Miami needs a shot of expresso or something to get back in things.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Moss continues to chop up yardage, but this has been the area where Miami makes mistakes.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) I called it...Kyle Wright makes a HORRIBLE pass that's intercepted.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Going to be a big third and long for both sides. If you're UNC you want this lead to get to double digits.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) My goodness, Jaworski Pollock dropped a touchdown an EASY touchdown..

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Moss breaks another big gain and Miami is in North Carolina territory, can Kyle Wright avoid the mistake?

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) ANOTHER interception....And Miami might need to think about Kirby Freeman.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) With two minutes remaining I wonder if the Tar Heels are content with 16-7.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Miami will have the ball with under 50 seconds remaining.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) I thought Wright got the first down but he didn't and the clock keeps running.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Wright's hail mary doesn't get answered and we're at halftime.

-- (UNC 16, UM 14) Midway in the third quarter and Miami already has one touchdown in the bank thanks to Tyrone Moss.

-- (UNC 16, UM 14) Wright gets the ball to Hill for a first down. Miami is starting to warm up on both sides of the ball.

-- (UNC 16, UM 14) Big third down and long for the Hurricanes right now..UNC's defense covers well and Wright can't scramble.

-- (UM 20, UNC 16) Not sure what happened to Ronnie McGill, but this game looks more like I expected it to originally.

-- (UM 20, UNC 16) Baker gets swamred and fumbles...Hurricanes cover and this is a hell of a turnaround.

-- (UM 26, UNC 16) Stretch play to Moss gets in the end zone and as far as I'm concerned, this game is over.

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