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Saturday, October 15, 2005

LiveBlogging Madness!!

I really didn't want to but I got three screens going here so let me break it down..

USC 21, ND 21: Back and forth and Mr. Bush just went to the endzone again...This is my primary game.

PSU 18, Mich. 10: Wolverines get hosed on a fumble call, but is there anything funnier than watching Michigan fans pout when they lose? I doubt it..

Florida 17, LSU 14: Tons of yards and five turnovers for the Tigers as they are starting to feel the effects of "Les Mile" Disease again.

-- (ND 21, USC 21) Brady Quinn gets a major third down, once again the Trojans make the adjustments and they've put some helmets in Quinn's chest thus far.

-- (ND 21, USC 21) Another third down conversion for Quinn, the line gave him great protection.

-- (ND 21, USC 21) Meanwhile the running game will go nowhere.

-- (Fla. 17, LSU 14) Russell sneaks ahead for the first down.

-- (PSU 18, Mich. 10) Henne throws a deep fade to Manningham for the touchdown! BEAUTIFUL Pitch-n-Catch!!! Henne throws it on a rope.

-- (ND 21, USC 21) Big play for ND...FUMBLE!!! Keith Rivers recovers.

-- (PSU 18, Mich. 16) Henne hands off and two points! We're all tied up in Ann Arbor. Stop pouting Michigan fans!

-- Whew all three on commercial.

-- (Fla. 17, LSU 14) Tigers driving inside the Gators 5.

-- (ND 21, USC 21) Leinart off the mark on 3rd and 14, Trojans will punt.

-- (LSU 20, Fla. 17) Just give it Addai and good things happen Les!

-- (Mich 18, PSU 18) Wolverines will have great field position, right around the 50-yard line.

-- (ND 21, USC 21) Quinn hooks up with Fasano and gets the ball inside the Trojans 25-yard line. It's been a battle.

-- (Mich 18, PSU 18) Henne converts a 3rd and 3 with a slant pattern to Avant.

-- (LSU 21, Fla 17) And on 3rd down Chris Leak just got yoked. He's really becoming quite the softee.

-- (ND 24, USC 21) Field goal up...Good!

-- (Mich 21, PSU 18) Field goal up...Good!

-- (LSU 21, Fla 17) LSU 333 yards, Florida 158 yards...Guys just let the defense win it.

-- (Mich 21, PSU 18) What a pick! Who was that? LeBron? Almost a pick six.

-- (ND 24, USC 21) Leinart, no touchdown passes today....He hasn't had much time either.

-- (LSU 21, Fla 17) Boy Leak doesn't really do his running backs many favors in that option handoff.

-- (ND 24, USC 21) Leinart gets nothing on third and long.

-- (ND 24, USC 21) Irish starting to use the run successfully on this worn down USC defense.

-- (Mich 21, PSU 18) We've got a review here.

-- (LSU 21, Fla. 17) JaMarcus Russell is forced out on a 3rd and long.

-- (ND 24, USC 21) Irish convert a third and long on the screen! Got away with a hold there.

-- (Mich 21, PSU 18) 4th and 7 and Robinson scrambles for the first down!

-- (LSU 21, Fla. 17) Gators have a long way to drive.

-- (ND 24, USC 21) Field goal is up and no good!

-- (Mich 21, PSU 18) Robinson connects for another first down, inside the Wolverines 20.

-- (PSU 24, Mich 21) QB DRAW....TOUCHDOWN!!!!

-- (Mich 25, PSU 21) Big return by Breaston puts the Wolves near mid field.

-- (Mich 25, PSU 21) Henne completes a bullet to Avant for 15..

-- (Mich 25, PSU 21) Michigan calls a time out.

-- (Mich 25, PSU 21) A counter draw gets the first.

-- (Mich 25, PSU 21) SMART play by Breaston, he dropped the ball.

-- (Mich 25, PSU 21) Bad pass, Six seconds they've got to get in the end zone.


-- (PSU 25, Mich 21) Henne with a skinny post to Manningham...TOUCHDOWN!!! TOUCHDOWN!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!!

-- (Mich 27, PSU 25) Can't JoePa force Michigan to go for the conversion since it's a two-point game?

-- (USC 28, ND 24) Domers inside the Trojans 30 with a first down.

-- (LSU 21, Fla. 17) Gators have 80 to go in a minute...Leak is sacked for the...30th (??) time today...

-- (LSU 21, Fla 17) Leak completes the second down pass for a first...29 seconds left.


-- (LSU 21, Fla 17) Leak crossed the line...He crossed the line...Doesn't he have a TV? Can't he see the Blue line?

-- (LSU 21, Fla. 17) Ball game.

*BTW Louisville-West Virginia are tied at 31 in the second OT*

-- (ND 31, USC 28) 75 yards to go and Leinart is sacked!

-- (ND 31, USC 28) Third and a TON! completes a shirt pass to Bush for 12...Fourth and 8.

-- (ND 31, USC 28) WHAT A FUCKING CATCH!!! Jarrett is down the sidelines for a HUGE GAIN!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

-- (ND 31, USC 28) Big third and four. Bush gets the first down.

-- (ND 31, USC 28) Leinart around the the corner NO score!

-- (ND 31, USC 28) Leinart sneaks..SPINS...TOUCHDOWN!!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!

-- (USC 34, ND 31) Boy the luck works against the Irish. If Leinart doesn't pop the ball out of bounds the clock runs out...

-- (USC 34, ND 31) Squib it...It's Over!!! Sorry Sabol, I still love ya man!

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