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Saturday, October 08, 2005

LiveBlogging FSU-Wake

Not many seats available at Doak Campbell today despite abnormally hot October temperatures. Note to administration, don't schedule games against Rice and Western Michigan at noon next year.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Ok guys, let's get this show on the road. I'm not a huge fan of Jefferson Pilot broadcasts.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) The Seminoles lead this series 20-2-1 and no I don't know where the two losses and one tie happened.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Cory Randolph is back at QB for Wake and he should've never left the spot.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) A couple of running plays gives Wake a third and about six, which comes up short. Good defensive stand.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Technically difficulties are impeding my screen but Weatherford is 3-for-3 with three first downs so far.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) I hate Jefferson Pilot. It's like watching cable access.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Washington apparently runs through a big hole and gets down to the 1 yard line. I guess I'll see it on Sun Sports tomorrow.

-- (FSU 7, Wake 0) On second and goal Weatherford calls his own number. The game is still in the black so I'm going to make breakfast and come back.

*Ok, quick synopsis, FSU drove again and Wake held them to a field goal, on the next drive Wake scored on a 67-yard end around so it's 10-7*

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) Wake is starting to put pressure on Weatherford but FSU has nine first downs already.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) A screen to Washington on third down gains 11 thanks to Washington's toughness.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) The color commentator is using way too many boxer references.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) Weatherford gets obliterated on an incomplete pass, what a nasty hit.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) Weatherford completes a pass to a wide-open Richard Goodman who fumbles on the hit but recovers.

-- (FSU 16, Wake 7) Weatherford goes to the end zone on a jump ball and connected with 6-6 Greg Carr for the touchdown! Carr is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play.

-- (FSU 17, Wake 7) Cismesia kicked the ball out of bounds so Wake gets the ball at the 50.

-- (FSU 17, Wake 7) Barclay breaks through the line and gained 31 yards. Wake has outplayed FSU for the second half of the first quarter.

-- (FSU 17, Wake 7) FSU tightens up with the help of a clipping call and the Wake Forest kicker, Swank, was shanked to hell.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) It's halftime...Let's whiparound

-- (UF 12, MSU 3) Florida holds the Bulldogs on third down. Omar Conner took a major shot and reamins down. Last week MSU lost Norwood, their other Qb...So the third-stringer warms up.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) FUMBLE!! Latimer from Oklahoma caused it, Sooners recover at the Texas 26.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) A heavily-bandaged Peterson runs for seven and Jones follows him with a first down.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) Short pass by Bomar is complete and brings up 3rd and about four.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) Bomar goes to the end zone and it's incomplete. Hartley made a 52-yarder already and adds a 26-yarder.

-- (Texas 7, OU 6) Is Mack Brown sweating yet?

-- (Texas 14, OU 6) Another one play drive for Texas, this results in an 80-yard touchdown.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Back to my original game. Weatherford is in and the Seminoles erase a nice run by Booker with a holding call.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Weatherford is taking a lot of hits. He's avoiding the pass rush but he should chuck the ball away.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Weatherford completes a pass to Fagg shy of the first down, but a flag comes down...Offsides on Wake, declined and FSU will go for fourth and inches. I'm expecting 35 wham.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) I'm wrong Weatherford does it himself.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) On third down Weatherford gets sacked and fumbles...FSU recovered but lineman Matt Meinrod got hurt...That's not good, a major injury.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Meinrod was carted to the back...That's a MAJOR injury. Meanwhile it's third and 2, Randolph completes the pass for a first down.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Another third and long for Wake Forest and the screen pass only gets half of way....Fake Punt! It works for a big gain.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) I give them credit, nice call.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Wake has gained 26 yards on 12 plays...Not efficient, but it's working.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Swank hits a 29-yarder.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Nice return by O'Neal and a personal foul face mask gives FSU the ball in Wake territory.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) On third and six Weatherford completes a pass to Fagg for a first down.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Weatherford misfires twice and it's third and 10. Like Weatherford, but these nickel and dime passes are killing me.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) So Weatherford misfires deep. Punt.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Wake gets a nice gain on a gimmick reverse.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Second and long is converted on a screen to Barclay. Barclay is a big time player.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 16) Barclay rumbles and breaks into the open....20-10....5...touchdown. Beautiful, quick drive and now we'll see have the FSU offense reacts under pressure.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) It's a new ball game.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) Of course the FSU board on the Rivals network is going ballistic.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) Weatherford has misfired on his last six passes.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) Weatherford gets romped as he lofts the ball in the air and who's there...Greg Carr! and it's a HUGE play, dragging defenders for 25-30 yards..

-- (FSU 26, Wake 17) Weatherford hits Rouse, he makes a move and scores! Weatherford answers the call.

-- (FSU 27, Wake 17) It's amazing what luck does...These things didn't happen with Chris Rix here.

-- (FSU 27, Wake 17) Injury update on Meinrod: Fracture fibula and dislocated ankle, he's done for the season.

-- (FSU 27, Wake 17) Third and short isn't converted as Barclay is stopped.

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