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Saturday, October 01, 2005

LiveBlogging at Noon

*picking up action with Virginia Tech up 7-0 (scoring after a turnover) and Michigan in the red zone*

-- (MSU 0, Mich 0): Michigan has gone 96 yards in nine plays and the Wolverines have a first and goal.

-- (Mich 6, MSU 0): Henne goes up top to Avant and he's got it! That's a statement drive my friend.

-- (Mich 7, MSU 0): An ugly three and out for the Spartans and an uglier punt gives Michigan a first down around midfield.

-- (Mich 7, MSU 0) With Mike Hart returning I'm reminded of Chris Perry's 50-carry day in East Lansing two years ago. Will Michigan try to pound the ball again?

-- (VT 7, WVU 0) Meanwhile Virginia Tech is humming along in this hostile road game. Vick looks pretty comfortable so far. And he's on target again, hitting the tight end for the first down.

-- (VT 7, WVU 0) Vick shoots an incomplete into the end zone, it's third down. Teams are still struggling to defend Vick because of his subtle differences from Mike.

-- (VT 10, WVU 0) The Mountaineers will hold the Hokies to a mid-range field goal. Points will be difficult to come back to West Virginia needs to get on its bicycle.

-- (Mich 14, MSU 0) Yikes.

-- (Mich 14, MSU 0) Michigan holes a 150-32 advantage in total yards right now. Plenty of time in the game though.

-- (Mich 14, MSU 0) Big third-down conversion for the Spartans, they couldn't afford another three and out.

-- (Mich 14, MSU 0) The Wolverines front four is looking strong each week.

-- (Mich 14, MSU 0) Stanton is warming up now and Teague just got some space on the ground. And Jeremy Scott gives the Spartans a 1st and goal.

-- (Mich 14, MSU 6) Stanton runs around right end and finds paydirt!

-- (VT 10, WVU 0) West Virginia is in the red zone with a first down at the 15 at the start of the second quarter. And off tackle play goes nowhere.

-- (VT 10, WVU 0) Looks like one of the Mountaineers' quarterbacks is shaken up after a tough hit. Left shoulder, looks painful.

-- (VT 10, WVU 0) First and goal for the Mountaineers. This is a pretty strong drive, but they need a touchdown.

-- (VT 10, WVU 6) Third and goal from the 2. White on a great playfake hits the tight end for the touchdown!

*Michigan leads 21-7, while Virginia Tech is up 17-14*

-- (VT 17, WVU 14) The crowd is definitely back into things at Morgantown. The Mountaineers are being a little reckless, but they are hanging tough.

-- (VT 17, WVU 14) The Hokies go three and out. Ol momentum has switched in this game.

-- (VT 17, WVU 14) The punt is muffed and recovered by Virginia Tech. Damn, a tough break right there.

*Michigan just scored to take a 31-24 lead and VT is up 34-17, I just got to my office*

-- (Mich 31, MSU 24) Not sure if Hart scored there but that was a hell of an effort.

-- (VT 34, WVU 17) Just so you know, West Virginia's blunder on special teams at the end of the first half lost this game for them. It's always one play.

-- (Mich 31, MSU 24) Hart has around 180 yards. He make this offense so much better and makes Henne a much better quarterback.


-- (Mich 31, MSU 30) Uh-Oh looks like a review. Looks like his arm is moving forward...Tuck rule?

-- (Mich 31, MSU 31) Tuck rule my ass. Samoan scores! Samoan scores! I get excited with the defensive tackles score.

-- (Mich 31, MSU 31) BTW, I'm saying it. OSU-Michigan may be the best rivalry in the Big Ten but Michigan-MSU give us much better games.

-- (Mich 31, MSU 31) Big third down stop by Sparty..

-- (Mich 31, MSU 31) Hart BULLS for the first down and now Michigan can run this out.

-- (Mich 31, MSU 31) Less than a minute remaining.

-- (Mich 31, MSU 31) Field Goal is..........NO GOOD!!! Strategy backfires.

We're heading to overtime. I'm heading to the St. Pete Times Forum. Good luck Sparty, Good luck Blue. May the best Michigan school win.

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