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Saturday, October 08, 2005

LiveBlog Whiparound

Because someone has to.

-- (UGA 7, Tenn 0) Players are gathering around their fallen compadre. I respect his effort but there have to be better ways to try to tackle Leonard Pope.

-- (TT 21, Neb 0) Second year of this game and Bill Callahan still doesn't get it. The object is to score WITH the Red Raiders, not trail them. I don't know if there are many better frontrunners in the nation.

-- (TT 21, Neb 0) It wouldn't kill the Huskers receivers to start catching passes as well. Help the kid out a little.

-- (UGA 7, Tenn 0) Shockley scrambles inside the five, it's third and goal for the Bulldogs.

-- (UGA 10, Tenn 0) VERY nice hustle onto the field by the special teams unit and the kick is good as the half ends/

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) See what happens when I go into meetings.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) Hodges was unable to keep the drive going before the half.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Right now Georgia is "outtoughing" the Vols. They just look like the more physical team.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) USC highlight comes in, not one of the Trojans' more banner days to say the least.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) The problem with Zac Taylor is simple, it takes his too long to warm up. By the time he warms up again it'll be 42-14.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Clausen converts on 3rd and 14 and finally the Volunteers are nearing a position to put points on the board.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) Hodges throws a dangerous pass on 1st and goal. I wouldn't do that again.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) BIG Sack on 2nd and goal, Hodges lost about 10 yards.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Riggs bulls inside the Georgia 20, but holding will send it back.

-- (TT 24, Neb 14) The field is...GOOD!

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) 3rd and 11 pass is incomplete. Field goal is wide.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Shockley is PICKED!!!...Almost a pick six!

-- (TT 24, Neb. 14) Colvin is PICKED!!! Almost another pick six.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 6) Clausen sneaks in for the touchdown! We got a ball game.

-- (TT 24, Neb 14) Hodges is dropped on the safety blitz by Nebraska.

-- (TT 27, Neb 14) And the field goal is good for the Red Raiders.

*Not much has happened since my last update. Georgia drove inside the 20 and fumbled...Tennessee fumbled it back but stopped Georgia and they will have the ball inside their own 1. Meanwhile Nebraska scored to close the game to 27-21 but they just fumbled to Texas Tech and Texas Tech will take over on offense, both games are in the fourth quarter.*

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 7) I will say it now, Tennessee has no chance of making a drive out of this field position.

-- (TT 27, Neb 21) FUMBLE!!! Big play for Nebraska...No chance of this not being reviewed. Looks like an accurate call, but they need to review it.

-- (TT 27, Neb 21) It's a fumble, this game is sloppy.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 7) The Volunteers are trying to set up a makeable third down.

-- (UGA 19, Tenn 7) Big punt return, don't get caught by the punter....NO....Touchdown Dawgs!

-- (Neb 28, TT 27) What a catch! What a touchdown! Still a sloppy game.

-- (Neb 28, TT 27) Give credit to the Huskers, they have completely shut down Tech's offense in the second half.

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