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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Coulda, Woulda....SHOULDA!!

I love when the Bowdens second guess themselves in the media, especially when it comes to their quarterback.

Three days after the loss, Bowden says he would've, should've gotten Lee in the game and was going to replace Weatherford, but go figure Weatherford leads the team to the touchdown.

"Daryl said, 'Let's go with Weatherford one more time,' " Bowden said. "He took it all the way down for a score. I never got him in. If we had gotten ahead, our plans were to get him in the game."

Right and if I had picked the right seven numbers, I would've won powerball. The good news is Lee was surely get mop-up duty against Duke.

Weatherford Almost Pulled (And I'm the Pope) [DB News-Journal]

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