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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blogpoll #8

I actually missed last week's deadline so I'm starting this one fresh. Lots of movement.

1. Southern Cal - Some are questioning the Trojans, I feel like they are a stronger #1 after Saturday than I did before.

2. Virginia Tech - Why are they ahead of Texas? Because a) In a matchup home or away the Hokies would beat them and b) they've had more impressive victories in a better conference.

3. Texas - That being said I have no problems with the Horns.

4. Georgia - The Bulldogs quietly have all the tools to be in Pasadena.....

5. Alabama - ...which the Crimson Tide may eventually find out.

6. Louisiana State - Probably a little high, but I do believe the Tigers are better than both Alabama and Auburn as long as Les Miles doesn't get in the way.

7. UCLA - Speaking of high. I like this team's heart.

8. Florida State - I expect another drop or two as long as Weatherford is quarterback.

9. Miami (Florida) - Miami could've hung 70 if they tried...They didn't try.

10. Notre Dame - Now you know, sometimes it takes a push.

11. Texas Tech - Another big jumper. I'm excited about their game against Texas. It's definitely hitting the over.

12. Boston College - Struggling against Wake Forest now that Cory Randolph is QB again is nothing to be ashamed of.

13. Auburn - Quietly moving up headed towards showdowns with Georgia and Alabama

14. Ohio State - Troy Smith will be fine as quarterback if Jim Tressel would take the shackles off of him.

15. Oregon - Another Pac-10 team that has rebounded from a loss to USC. And to add to an argument at EDSBS...Oregon is two touchdowns better than Colorado.

16. Penn State - I think this week they proved to me that they were legit. It took a loss, but they showed their heart and talent.

17. West Virginia - The triple-OT win against Louisville is forgotten in this week of classics. Big one against South Florida this week.

18. Fresno State - The Bulldogs continue a slow climb as they prepare for USC in November.

19. Michigan State - John L. Smith....John L. favorite coach.

20. TCU - Another slow climber week to week. I don't see many more oportunities for a loss on their schedule.

21. Wisconsin - Another forgotten classic from the weekend. A lucky win and a terrible loss for Minnesota.

22. Nebraska - People thought I was crazy for ranking them to start the season, but they have proven that they are around a fringe Top 25 team.

23. Virginia - The biggest win in Al Groh's career and it might've saved Al Groh's career.

24. Northwestern - The drama department is throwing up some serious offense. They'd be in the Top 20 if the officials didn't hose them in their loss to Penn State.

25. Florida - Only out of respect for Charlie Strong.

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