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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Around the ACC/State

Sorry I've been light on the posts for the last few days. I need to a break so I took a couple of days off at the expense of my traffic count. Oh well...

I think I'll liveblog the first half of the noon games, primarily Michigan-MSU and Virginia Tech-West Virginia.

I won't be back in for the rest of the the day because I'll be covering:

for my newspaper and I won't be back until very very late. Chances are I'll chime in after watching the Florida and FSU games at a bar, plus I'll TiVo USF-Miami.

Nonetheless, I'll do caps of the Florida, FSU and Miami games shortly.


Virginia Tech (4-0) at West Virginia (4-0): This has been the ultimate trap game and trap destination for the Hokies. I do believe they will win this week just because I don't think West Virginia is good enough to go 5-0. But it will be very close. Virginia Tech, 23-20.

Virginia (3-0) at Maryland (2-2): Tough match to handicapp because the home team has won the last four. Maryland is a team that's rebuilding and they are having problems in the fourth quarter. Virginia will struggle this month, but get a win here. Virginia, 27-24.

Navy (0-2) at Duke (1-3): I wanted the study the history of these two teams and this matchup, but I got busy. Navy, 35-21.

Ball State (0-3) at Boston College (3-1): Ouch man...Ouch. Boston College, 56-7

Utah (3-1) at North Carolina (1-2): The trick to the Tar Heels is staying a step ahead of their inconsistency. They won on the road last week, so naturally a loss at home follows. Utah, 24-17.

Clemson (2-2) at Wake Forest (1-3): The Deacons need to win now if they want any chance at a bowl. At a matter of fact both teams need this game. Wake Forest, 28-27.

State Games

UCF (1-2) at La-Lafayette (1-2): Well the Knights finally broke through, now if they can match that feat on the road we might have something. UCF, 22-19.

Florida Atlantic (0-4) at Louisville (2-1): Schnellenberger deserves better. Louisville, 65-14.

Florida A&M (2-2) at Florida International (0-3): If the Panthers can't win here, they need to forget about this season. FIU, 24-20.

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