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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend Review...

I’ll post pictures and national media links later this evening and FSU-BC grades on Monday. These are quick observations from what I saw this weekend.

Louisville-Oregon State

This is the Louisville team I expected to see against Kentucky. They are so good on offense when Michael Bush is running to set up Brian Brohm’s play action. There aren’t too many teams on their schedule that can give them a scare much less beat them so they will have to run the table for a shot on a BCS title.


What a war. Clemson wasn’t looking to pull an upset on Miami, they have full confidence they can beat the Hurricanes. I love what Miami did in the second half by committing to the run and pounding the Clemson defensive line with Tyrone Moss. Miami’s pass blocking is terrible at best, but they are dominating run blockers. Clemson showed all the moxie they have with a spirited fourth quarter comeback and the one impressive stop in overtime. The running game, however, was going to wear them down in the long haul.

Michigan State-Notre Dame

Sorry Domers, the defense is still incredibly slow and the Spartans exposed it over and over again. Mark May said a mobile quarterback would give Notre Dame some trouble but I didn’t expect it would be that much trouble. Meanwhile I’m wondering if this is the year MSU finally puts it together. They’ve got the talent and they’ve even got Michigan at home. Brady Quinn and Maurice Stovall were phenominal in defeat.


If Phil Fulmer doesn’t smack himself over and over again after watching the game film, he should. Early in the game Gerald Riggs Jr. is gaining 6, 7, 9, 15, 6, 7, etc. per carry and I’m thinking “shoot, 35 more carries and this sucker is over”, but Fulmer got cute and wanted Erik Ainge to win the game for him instead. I’m not impressed with Urban Meyer’s super offense, they can’t run the ball and they can’t block for the run either. However, the Gator defense hadn't flown around the ball like that...ever...Alabama and LSU are going to stuff the ball down the Gators throats unless they make adjustments quickly.


Holy moly. Here’s what makes USC special: They don’t care about the opponent. It could be Oklahoma, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mater Dei Prep Academy or anyone else. They control everything on offense, they score at will and they only stop when they feel like it. Oklahoma still hasn’t recovered from the beating they got last year and don’t be surprised if Arkansas isn’t rattled for several weeks.

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