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Thursday, September 01, 2005

UCF-South Carolina Gibberish...

-- Looks like a great night in Columbia. Definitely one of the best atmospheres in college football and it'll be great on November 12 when Florida comes to town. I can almost guarantee there will be a school-imposed "blackout" that night.

-- Houston 14, Oregon 6. I think it's safe to say USC doesn't have much to worry about with the quack attack.

-- *wipes tears from his eye* football is back...someone gimme a hug.

-- Spurrier's first play -- TB dive gains a yard.

-- My guess is Blake Mitchell doesn't finish this game, but his first pass was nice and for a first down.

-- Mitchell goes up top and touchdown city. I'd say Spurrier's still got it.

-- Not sure what UCF is going to have to do offensively, but three and outs won't work. In actuality they had the right idea by trying to run.

-- The screen play is still the most unpredictable play in sports. Could get blown up or it could be explosive.

-- TE delay gives the Cocks a 14-0 lead. A lot of teams still look good against UCF.

-- Total yards: South Carolina 164, UCF 33..

-- On the bright side Steven Moffett does look like he's turning the corner as UCF's quarterback, he looks MUCH more confident than last season.

-- UCF finally gets on the board.

-- Right now I would say that UCF's main problem appears to be pass defense and stopping drives. They need to stop this third down to curb this momentum.

-- Great sack by UCF, it leads to missed field goal. Great recovery by the Knights.

-- Midway through the second and the game has settled in. UCF has sort of recovered from the early rally and they have shown they can move the ball. Meanwhile South Carolina could benefit from a better rushing attack at this moment.

-- While South Carolina is wining 17-3 at the half, I've flipped to this barnburner in Houston, where the Cougars are up 21-20 on Oregon.

-- Houston's offense is a total dishelved mess that somehow generates an odd balance of big plays. Kevin Kolb has to be a halfway decent QB to figure this thing out.

-- Can I say that eliminating Lee Corso from the announcing booth for the Thursday night game was a MAJOR plus.

-- Houston goes for a 4th and 3 inside the Oregon 10 and doesn't make it. Boy that was a stupid call in a close game and yes if they would've made it it still would've been a stupid call.

-- Oregon takes the lead as UCF misses a field goal and ruins an excellent drive.

-- While I was on the phone, South Carolina drove and scored. Mitchell has been nothing short of brilliant in his debut.

-- I was getting slammed with phone calls so a quick closer. South Carolina has a lot to work on, they seemed to lose focus quickly and Spurrier needs to work on a stronger running game to complement the great passing.

UCF can build off of the second half, they were a couple of plays away from winning this thing. Moffett has turned the corner as a QB and I believe the Knights can win 5-6 games this season if they can survive the first wave.

Lawrence Maroney has 159 yards and two scores in less than a quarter. That's why he's on my Heisman watch list.

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