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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This Week's Blogpoll Ballot...

Again, pretty pedastrian for the most part.

1. Southern Cal: (No Change) The Trojans will remain #1 until someone beats them. So good luck in 2006.

2. Louisiana State: (No Change) Soon enough the Tigers will prove me right.

3. Texas: (+3) Will face Ohio State for rights for this spot. The flagbearer for a suddenly weak Big XII.

4. Ohio State: (+1) Will face Texas for rights to the #3 slot.

5. Georgia: (+6) The big bounce on the poll this week, D.J. Shockley gives the Bulldogs a dimension on offense they haven't had.

6. Michigan: (-2) No biggie, beat ND and they will move up again.

7. Virginia Tech: (+2) I bumped them up a bit, early-season road victories like that do impress mem a little.

8. Louisville: (-5) I put a lot of pressure on the Cardinals, they didn't deliver.

9. Florida State: (+4) The offense will be much better. I wish someone would give Miami's defense a little credit. It's not like freshmen quarterbacks consistently throw for 300 on them.

10. Tennessee: (-2) Phil Fulmer rights a major wrong next week. Ainge was beaten in the spring by Clausen and had no business starting in the first place.

11. Iowa: (+1) They will crack the Top 10 soon.

12. Florida: (+2) If they can't run against Wyoming, what are they going to do against Tennessee?

13. Miami (Florida): (-3) Small slide because they did outplay the Noles in several areas (special teams not being one of them)

14. Georgia Tech: (NR) High debut? Sure what they did at Auburn was extremely impressive and they capped off a great weekend for the ACC.

15. Alabama: (+1) Southern Miss game leads into brutal conference stretch.

16. Cal: (-1) Everyone struggles in opening week, but I think the Bears get one more chance.

17. Notre Dame: (NR) A strong showing against Michigan will solidify their inclusion.

18. Purdue: (NR) Omission from last week.

19. Fresno State: (+1) Strong week of practice for Pat Hill's gang.

20. TCU: (NR) That's the way to make a debut.

21. North Carolina State: (-4) The Wolfpackk's defensive line is as good as you'll see, now they must cut down on penalties.

22. UCLA: (NR) With Marcedes Lewis, Ben Olson and Maurice Drew, there's a nice foundation to build on.

23. Arizona State: (+2) It's hard work to make Temple look that bad.

24. Oklahoma: (-17) Sooners get dropped like its hot.

25. Texas A&M: (-7) Ok, McNeal you get one more chance.

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