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Friday, September 23, 2005

Surfing the Wire...

Some of my major plays are on TUT Juice right now (No I'm not going to stop pimping that site anytime soon).

A few things out there that interests me...

Tennessee AD: Vols Would've Forfeited [AP]: Interesting because if I were LSU...I would've called their bluff because there's no way in hell the Vols will voluntarily give up a chance to win the SEC East because of some rain. Of course LSU demanded the game be moved to Monday because Fulmer wanted it in November (because November is Tennessee's "easy" month) but LSU already moved North Texas to November so no dice.

Reggie Ball Shows His [AP]: Gotta love the kid's....errr...immune system? Nonetheless if he gets the start Saturday against Virginia Tech there will be some upset possibilities there.

Florida Tries to Avoid Overconfidence [AP]: And given the Gators' failure to run the ball or stop the run, that shouldn't be a problem.

Miami Closes Out a Rough September [AP]: Very few teams have more milage on them than the Canes do right now.

More later, I'll do Around the ACC tonight and possibly a few live thoughts of the California game if I get a chance.

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