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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday Rewind...

Just a few questions that were answered Saturday or need to be answered this week.

Is USC unbeatable?

Obviously not, no one is unbeatable this season, but when you think you know the answers to Southern Cal, they change the questions. Their defense is in shambles thanks to two crucial injuries, but Pete Carroll is such a skilled coach on that side of the ball that he made some serious adjustments at halftime to close every hole that Oregon was attacking.

Offensively they are just that good. Way too many weapons for any team in the nation to handle. The team that beats USC will have to bring their 'A' game and the 'A' game of three other teams.

Is Virginia Tech the Best Team in the Country?

I'm going to rank them #2 in my blogpoll unless LSU absolutely destroys Tennessee on Monday night to the equivalent of what the Hokies did to Georgia Tech on Saturday. I understand that Reggie Ball wasn't healthy, but it didn't matter. The Hokies are almost unbeatable in big games at Blacksburg and this team is so well coached on defense and special teams that they can grind out the tough victories on the road.

They are probably the one team that I feel can match up with USC man for man on a neutral field and play them to a stand still.

Was Louisville Overrated?

Yes and no. I have a problem with writing off every team because they lost. Louisville has earned their national respect. They've beaten Florida State, they should've beaten Miami last year in the Orange Bowl. If they weren't good two athletic department execs from Auburn wouldn't have risked their jobs to steal Bobby Petrino away.

In the end they just got their asses kicked. Give credit to South Florida. That's a young program filled with some damn good athletes who were playing inspired ball at their home. Guys like Andre Hall, Amarri Jackson, etc. could've played anywhere in the country and chose to play close to home with Jim Leavitt's building program.

If nothing else it'll make next week's USF-Miami game more interesting. Miami will obviously beat USF, but the Hurricanes aren't going to walk through practice this week. As for Louisville, they are still a good team, they just had a terrible week.

Is Alabama Ready for Florida?

Not yet, but they are close. The running game is going to be huge for them but they need a strong game from Brodie Croyle. I expect the hype for this game would build slowly this week.

Is Florida Ready for Alabama?

Pretty much. I didn't agree with Meyer's decision to call off the dogs so early last week. This team still has a LOT of Zook in them, they need to be aggressive all day, every day. Offensively they are going to continue getting better.

What Happened to Iowa?

Good question. I'm not surprised the Hawkeyes dropped an early game, but two? And the margins of defeat are equally surprising. What's missing is the power running game. Iowa has made their mark under Kirk Ferentz with the strong running attack to set up the passing aspects of the West Coast offense. Right now there doesn't seem to be a threat to run so teams are keying in on Drew Tate and the passing game.

Is Penn State Really Good?


What about Minnesota?

Maybe. Lawrence Maroney is the real deal. A perfect NFL running back.

What Team(s) May be Undeservedly Ranked This Week?

Michigan, West Virginia

What Team(s) Deserve to be Ranked?

Minnesota, Vanderbilt, Boston College

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