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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Report Card: Offense

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It took a half for FSU to get on track, but luckily the offense came through when it was needed most in a 28-17 victory over Boston College. The win gives FSU a 2-0 conference record and the inside track on making the ACC championship game in Jacksonville.

Quarterbacks: Drew Weatherford played terrible for about 40 minutes, but once the offense chucked the I formation and went to a four-wide set he warmed up and finished 20-of-38 and for 243 yards and two touchdowns to 6'6 wide receiver Greg Carr. Weatherford had an interception, but it was on a pass that bounced right off of De'Cody Fagg's chest. A very promising performance for the freshman. Grade: B

Running Backs: 13 yards on 19 carries?!?! That's terrible. Leon Washington seemed like a man without a county in the four wide. Lorenzo Booker was a little better and had a couple of nice plays in the passing game, including one that became a turnover because of a great hustle play by Mathias Kiwaunka. Grade: D

Wide Receivers: Lots of drops, De'Cody Fagg's led to an interception and Kenny O'Neal had a terrible drop while he was wide open. Greg Carr continues to use his height as a major weapon with two touchdown catches, including on a fade route that the 5'8 defensive back had no chance of stopping. Grade: C+

Offensive Line: Pass blocking improved but overall this unit struggled again with David Castillo. 13 yards running and Weatherford was hit several times in the first half. Once Weatherford went to the shotgun and B.C. dropped into the zones the line had an easier time. Grade: C-

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