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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Report Card: Offense

Well there wasn't much offense to report on from either side. The Seminoles only managed 10 points and a handful of first downs as Drew Weatherford struggled and Miami stacked nine in the box to dare him to pass.

Quarterbacks: Well Drew Weatherford struggled even more than I expected, completing just seven of 24 passes for 67 yards. He also threw and interception and had at least two others dropped. While he did have to deal with a difficult pass rush at times, Weatherford made poor reads and poor throws even when he did have time. Xavier Lee got a series and a muffed a shotgun snap, but also completed a pass and got a first down on his first play. Lee will get much more time this week. Grade: D-

Running Backs: Lorenzo Booker made plays out of nothing and his big plays led to the 10 points scored. Leon Washington also made strong contributions and his nine-yard run led to the first down that clinched the game. Fullback James Coleman scored the touchdown. Grade: B

Wide Receivers: Only three catches all night, only one for any considerable yards. They suffered due to inexperienced quarterbacks and an air tight Miami defense. The downfield blocking was good when it was necessary. Grade: D

Tight Ends: Huge game, over 100 yards recei....oh yeah that was Miami's tight end. Grade: I

Offensive Line: Decent for the most part, but Miami stacked 9-10 in the box and there isn't much five (six counting the tight end) can do against ten. But when they needed one first down, they got it. The zone blocking schemes look like they will be a good addition. Grade: B-

Kicking: Kickoffs were fine and deep. Gary Cismescia kicked his first field goal, which turned out to be the difference, he missed a 22-yarder and that's inexcusable. Grade: C-

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