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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Blogpoll

The official poll is up here and the individual ballots are here.

Now a quick synopsis of what I did.

1) Southern Cal (No change) -- I have serious issues with those who ranked the Trojans behind Texas.

2) Louisiana State (No change) -- Believe it or not I almost moved Texas here because they've played so many more games, but LSU has Tennessee coming up and they can prove their worthiness.

3) Texas (No change) -- With Oklahoma as bad as they are, Texas Tech and Texas A&M become important swing games.

4) Georgia (No change) -- Nothing good or bad about their game against La-Monroe. They didn't put up a huge score, but they weren't trying to either.

5) Virginia Tech (No change) -- Good bye Dukes and Ohios, hello Georgia Tech.

6) Louisville (+1) -- The team I saw Saturday is the one I expect to see for the rest of the year.

7) Florida St. (+1) -- Two quality wins in the belt going into a bye week.

8) Florida (+2) -- Defense looks good if teams don't run against them. I wasn't impressed. Fulmer gave them a win with his inept coaching.

9) Miami (Florida) (+2) -- Showed me a lot of character this week against Clemson.

10) Georgia Tech (+3) -- That's the fourth ACC school in my top ten if you are counting.

11) Ohio State (+1) -- Going with Smith in the long run is the right way to go.

12) Alabama (+3) -- Now I was impressed with these guys, they completely embarassed Spurrier and his gang of cocks.

13) Michigan State (NR) -- Something tells me they won't be this high for long. Consistency has never been this program's strong suit.

14) Cal (+2) -- Nothing great, but they are winning and they made a comeback against an Illinois team that plays hard.

15) Notre Dame (-9) -- Slow defense means they are DOA against the Trojans.

16) UCLA (+2) -- A strong, steady climb for Dorrell's group. Will the UCLA/USC game mean something again?

17) Michigan (-3) -- They didn't do anything to warrant a slip, but they have no quality wins to speak of.

18) Tennessee (-9) -- Fulmer could've given the ball to Riggs 35 times and won by double digits. Horrible job of coaching.

19) Arizona State (+1) -- The Sun Devils are a fun team to bet the over on.

20) Vanderbilt (+3) -- At the top of the SEC East and deservedly so with two road victories.

21) Purdue (+1) -- Avoided an upset alert in Arizona.

22) Oregon (+4) -- If they can hold the Trojans under 40 maybe they can stay ranked next week too.

23) Texas A&M (+2) -- They are ranked ahead of Clemson because they should have won the game if it wasn't for coaching.

24) Boston College (-5) -- Will be very tough for the rest of the season. I give them credit for wanting FSU early and being up for the challenge

25) Clemson (-1) -- No shame in losing to Miami in three overtimes.

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