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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I can't call this a complete liveblog because I'll be rambling too.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 13) However the game has been very entertaining so far.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) Smart move by the SEC officials to push the LSU-Tennessee game back to Monday and even smarter move to keep it at night so LSU's home-field advantage isn't compromised.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) Does Texas Tech have the right to brag about trying to hang a 100 on a 1-AA team who lost by 30 at home?

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) Blocked punt! Blocked punt! Who recovers? Does it matter.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) This Utah quarterback could be over time. He's a solid run/pass threat.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) Ok, so I've missed a few plays, shoot me.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) With the LSU-Tennessee game moving to Monday night I hope ESPN takes the USC-Oregon game for Primetime.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) If I haven't mentioned by sports betting project called TUT Juice, please allow me to.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) Florida fans take a close look at how good Urban Meyer's offense will be once Chris Leak graduates.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 21) Meanwhile lowly Texas St. is only trailing Texas A&M 21-14...Go Armadillos!...Are they really called the Armadillos because I'm just going off of Necessary Roughness.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 21) Y'Ouch Big Hit, should be a flag and it is, that was the epitome of unnecessary roughness on a play.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 28) Looks like Florida Atlantic lost, oh well there goes there Sun Belt title hopes because I'm sure half the team will be suspended by the time Week 9 rolls around.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 28) Air Force receiver Jason Brown has had a massive game and he looks like a real prospect out there.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 28) Man look at this Brown kid fight for yardage, what a stud.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 35) Gotta love the fight of the Academies.

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