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Saturday, September 17, 2005

LiveBlogging (Whip Around Coverage)

We'll stick with ND-MSU and Miami-Clemson until something goes awry and if so we'll jump to 'Bama-South Carolina. However that game has TiVo priviledges so we're sticking with these two for the most part.

-- (MSU 14, ND 7) As expected the Spartans speed has definitely caught Notre Dame off guard. It's safe to say that in comparison, Michigan and Pitt are much slower teams.

-- (MSU 14, ND 7) Good lord this new Orbitz game (Island Hop) is addictive as hell.

-- (Mia 3, Clem 0) Whitehurst GOES OFF on the option keeper. Damn that was one of the best shotgun option keeper I've ever seen!

-- (MSU 14, ND 7) Has Brady Quinn thrown a pass over 15 yards yet this season?

-- (Clem 6, Mia 3) The Tigers flood the field with tight ends and score a touchdown to take the lead!

-- (MSU 14, ND 7) Hmm that trick play was called at the right time and it would've worked had the execution been there.

-- (Clem 7, Mia 3) The Hurricanes look flat as a pancake, they are not a confident team anymore. There's no swagger.

-- (MSU 14, ND 7) The Irish get a much needed turnover to stop the MSU mojo, I think a two-score deficit would have been crippling.

-- (MSU 14, ND 7) Nice pitch and catch from Quinn to Stovall.

-- (MSU 14, ND 10) The turnover leads to three points.

-- (Clem 7, Mia 3) Whitehurst and Baham hook up for a big play. Miami's safeties are struggling with pass coverage. Excellent extension by Baham. The spread option is giving the Hurricanes some problems on defense.

-- (Clem 7, Mia 3) I'm starting to wonder if Clemson can get a 14-3 lead if Miami can comeback on the road. Larry Coker's noose gets tighter by the second.

-- (MSU 14, ND 10) I must've missed a turnover because the Irish have the ball again but I caught the old-school flea flicker. One of my all-time faves.

-- (ND 16, MSU 14) Touchdown city for the Irish as...the guy who wears #83 rambles 20 yards after catching a quick out. Praise Je-Sus!

-- (Clem 7, Mia 3) Jad Dean (No relation to surf rock group Jan and Dean) attempts a field goal but Devin Hester was too quick on the draw...Those Hurricanes, always trying to cheat.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 3) I guess the penalty didn't matter, the Tigers took the points.

-- (ND 17, MSU 14) MSU gets a run from Stanton and an extra 15 yards on a late hit.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 3) Teams are shying away from Devin Hester...As a matter of fact they are purposely kicking to him just to be able to take a free shot. I know Deion and Hester is no Deion.

-- (ND 17, MSU 14) Stanton connects a with a huge pass that puts Michigan inside the 15. I think Notre Dame was in a Cover Zero on that play.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 3) Miami brings in Kirby Freeman on the play! He runs a little option keeper, not very well done I might add.

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) We're tied in South Bend.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Miami executes their second field goal in the game. Wow it can be done.

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) Quinn shuts me up by throwing a perfect beautiful strike to Stovall but there is offensive interference on the play. Ha I knew there was a glitch.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Oof, nasty fall, please let him not be motionless..

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) A nice return gets the Spartans knocking on the door again.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Did I mention this Miami team can't tackle either.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Heads up play by the upman to take the block and get a first down with it. Of course I don't know how one gets a punt block when protected by three upmen, but who am I.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Aaron Taylor remind me of Johnny Bravo.

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) Irish are driving with a few minutes to go before the half.

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) Quinn shouldn't be dancing around the pocket much, he's got to go through his progressions and get rid of the ball if no one's open.

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) Field goal misses, and Michigan State should have a bit of time to work with if they want to use it.

-- (MSU 17, ND 17) Deep slant goes for big yardage and the Spartans have a first and goal inside the five. I'd do some run/pass option with Stanton.

-- (MSU 23, ND 17) I = offensive genius! Stanton is a tough runner.

-- (MSU 24, ND 17) The Irish will go to a hurry up to try to get a field goal and trim the lead before the half.

-- (MSU 24, ND 17) Quinn's numbers are nice so far (13-of-25, 192 yards and two touchdowns).

-- (MSU 24, ND 17) Nice play over the middle but the clock will get to zero and both games are in the half. Thank goodness.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) No penalties for Clemson so far. If there's one unit that was VASTLY overrated going into the season, it's Miami's offensive line.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Big play by Ryan Moore nullified due to holding call. That takes away a first down inside the Clemson 25.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Reverse to Hester and hilarity ensues...Hmmm he looks trap so he decides to throw...and it's complete!! and there's no way there's not an ineligible man downfield!! Of course there is!! Nice block by Wright though.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) Big third down here for Miami and Wright's pass is complete for a rare third down conversion. I think Miami was 3-of-28 before that conversion.

-- (Clem 10, Mia 6) The Hurricanes are driving again, a long drive in this case, a strong drive featuring the running of Tyrone Moss.

-- (Mia 12, Clem 10) When in doubt Miami goes to Quantran Hill at the goal line and scores! But make no mistake, that was Tyrone Moss' drive.

-- (MSU 31, ND 17) The Spartans special teams don't play they...take it to the house.

-- (MSU 31, ND 17) Maurice Stovall is a stud, plain and simple.

-- (Mia 13, Clem 10) Miami forces and punt and roughs the kicker. Not real bright if I must say. That's seven penalties for 62 yards while Clemson has none.

-- (Mia 13, Clem 10) The Hurricanes force a 50-yard field goal that doesn't have a prayer. Great multiple defensive stands.

-- (MSU 31, ND 17) Drive stalls at the Irish lose a fumble at the goal line. And these...are the Dames of our lives.

-- (Mia 13, Clem 10) Big play gets the Hurricanes to a first and goal as the third quarter ends. What a great second half for Miami. They have completely shut down Clemson's offense and are in the process of a second long scoring drive.

-- (Mia 19, Clem 10) Moss gets two more carries and well-earned touchdown. Somebody buy that man a protein shake after the game.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 10) Clemson is driving, but it doesn't seem like they are actually going anywhere.

-- (MSU 37, ND 17) Meanwhile Michigan State is going wherever they want. Going to the 10th floor anf dropping ND off at the 6th if you will. Sorry Domers, you're still SLOW.

-- (MSU 38, ND 24) The Irish still have plenty of time but they haven't come close to stopping the speedy Spartans.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 10) Meanwhile Miami is in a prime position as Moss breaks off continuous power runs and wears down this Clemson line.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) Clemson gets a HUGE sack. 1:27 left and they will get the ball.

-- (MSU 38, ND 31) Stovall catches another score and ND keeps climbing this tree.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) The Tigers will take over at their 44 with under 1:20 remaining.

-- (MSU 38, ND 31) Terrible (rotten, bad) punt gives the Irish great field position with over 10 minutes remaining.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) Tigers get a first down on a slant pattern, gotta hurry. A second first down puts the Tigers at the Miami 30!

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) Clemson tried to work the middle again and this time the pass is swatted down.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) What a pass! Whitehurst threads the needle between two defenders and Clemson has a first down at the Mia 10.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) Miami sends the house and forces and incomplete. 26 seconds left.

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) Blitz...WIDE OPEN receiver and he MISSES HIM!!!

-- (Mia 20, Clem 17) Jad Dean for the tie! YES!

-- (MSU 38, ND 31) MSU makes a huge stand and takes over still nursing their lead.

-- (Mia 27, Clem 20) Miami scored a touchdown and I don't know how because people keep bothering me.

-- (MSU 38, ND 31?) I have no clue because my jackass co-worker turned the channel..

-- (USF 7, UCF 0) The Bulls ride Andre Hall to the first touchdown in the battle of I-4.

-- (Mia 27, Clem 20) How Miami got away with that pass interference is beyond me.

-- (Mia 27, Clem 20) Fourth down for the Tigers! And they score!!! How...I don't know because I got a phone call..

-- (ND 38, MSU 38) Apparently ND scored, I don't know how though.

-- (Mia 27, Clem 27) Tigers ball with a third down and they have expunged their timeouts for the game. Bonecrushing sack....or did Whitehurst get rid of it? Woof, that's close but the refs give him the benefit of the doubt.

-- (Mia 27, Clem 27) Meanwhile Jan Dean (no relation) nails a 40-yarder. That kids got nads of stone.

-- (MSU 38, ND 38) Heading to overtime, what a game!

-- (Clem 30, Mia 27) Big pass puts Miami inside the 15 and driving towards a winning score.

-- (Clem 30, Mia 27) 3rd and 1, sweep to Moss loses a half yard!!

-- (Clem 30, Mia 27) 4th and 1 and Miami is going for the field goal...It's good, weak call..

-- (Mia 30, Clem 30) OT Number three.

-- (MSU 38, ND 38) 3rd down for ND at the 25 and Quinn misses the bomb to Stovall.

-- (ND 41, MSU 38) 42-yard field goal is good!

-- (ND 41, MSU 38) Stanton goes for 11 on a first down keeper....Meanwhile the ND announcers are raving at how smart Charlie Weis is...Yeah way to stay on task.

-- (Mia 36, Clem 30) 25-yard touchdown Tyrone Moss. Two-point conversion fails!

-- (MSU 44, ND 41) TOUCHDOWN SPARTANS!!! Option pitch wins it...Meanwhile ND announcers were in the middle of a Gerry Faust reflection rant...

-- (Mia 36, Clem 30) Whitehurst scramble and tosses...INTERCEPTION!! Game set and match!


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