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Sunday, September 04, 2005

LiveBlogging 'Ville-UK

-- (UL 0, UK 0) Whenever I see Brian Brohm's name I'm thinking of the movie "Great White Hype" with Samuel L. Jackson, Damon Wayans and Jamie Foxx and calling him Brian Broug-ham

-- (UL 0, UK 0) No money on this game, no plays yet actually. I think Louisville absolutely rolls the Wildcats today.

-- (UL 0, UK 0) Michael Bush weighs more than anyone in the Kentucky back seven. These guys are going to be gasping by the third quarter.

-- (UL 0, UK 0) Brohm already looks like he's been doing this for the last twenty years. He and Chad Henne will have a good Heisman race next year.

-- (UL 0, UK 0) At this rate Rich Brooks will be fired by Thursday. Someone will have to explain to Kentucky football program to me one day. You're in the SEC, you're in a talent-rich area of the country with a great fan base and all the administration does is make poor decision to hamstring everyone. Rich Brooks? You've got to be kidding me.

-- (UL 0, UK 0) Brohm is 5-5, 46 yards so far.

-- (UL 0, UK 0) After two unsuccessful tries, Brohm takes it in himself from the one-inch line. That looked too easy.

-- (UL 7, UK 0) Already I like what Kentucky is doing, throwing downfield and going right after Louisville's secondary.

-- (UL 7, UK 7) And Kentucky responds with incredible ease, not the best way to answer questions about that defense Louisville.

-- (UL 7, UK 7) Tinch is the equivalent of a tight end safety value in this offense, he goes across the middle and finds the seams.

-- (UL 7, UK 7) I just get the feeling that Louisville isn't concerned at all on offense. They know that Kentucky can't stop them at all.

-- (UL 14, UK 7) Woodson is starting to look more like a sophomore, big plays and big errors. Meanwhile Brohm is just a freak.

-- (UL 14, UK 7) A chink in Brohm's armor is the delayed blitz.

-- (UL 14, UK 7) Louisville is getting free shots on Woodson right now, the last of which set up the turnover.

-- (UL 20, UK 7) Bruising run after bruising run sets up Michael Bush's first score of the year. This is fine power football.

-- (UL 21, UK 7) Proper call should be Louisville's ball on the fumble at the yard line where the defender recovered the ball.

-- (UL 21, UK 7) Do they get it right? Yes they do, good job Big Ten officials.

--(UL 28, UK 7) Halftime adjustments: For Kentucky...don't turn the ball over...try to run the ball...keep taking chances on defense....For Louisville...ride the back of Bush and wear this team down....protect Brohm....keep pressuring Woodsoon.

-- (UL 28, UK 7) A first-down run for Kentucky puts their game total at around minus-8.

-- (UL 28, UK 7) Going with the no-huddle isn't a bad idea here, Woodson can get a better look at the defense like this.

-- (UL 28, UK 7) When Louisville isn't rushing the quarterback, its pass defense is really exposed. There's no excuse to give up a big play like that in a cover 3.

-- (UL 28, UK 7) Ring up #5 for Dumervil.

-- (UL 28, UK 10) Any points are a moral victory for Kentucky, now they have to play a little defense.

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