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Saturday, September 24, 2005

LiveBlogging UM-Colorado

No whip around coverage here.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) So far...Heat is about 95. Miami has had two possessions and no first downs. Colorado missed a short field goal on their first possession. The crowd seems to suck and Miami looks flatter than a pancake.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Miami is only passing with the rollout and Wright doesn't look comfortable with it yet.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Miami's defense does a great job to stop the Buffaloes on 3rd and 2...

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Or did they? Are you kidding me? He looked two yards short. I wonder if the ball spot in reviewable...and it will be.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Meanwhile Danielson and Musberger are already annoying the hell out of me.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) The review overturns to incorrect call and the Buffaloes punt.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Looks like Miami has already adjusted their offense, now going out of the I-formation.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Wright finally completes a pass, an out to Jolla for the team's first first down.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Wright completes another pass on third down, this one to Moss. Winston was beaten again on pass protection.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Moss changes direction and gains 12 on a busted play.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Miami is going to a much smarter gameplan, quick outs, power running and trying to neutralize the pass rush.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) The Buffaloes are selling out on the runs.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Wright looks completely awkward rolling out, he's turning the wrong direction and I don't think a receiver is running a route parallel to him.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Peattie gets the Canes on the board.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Klatt fails on a screen and took a monster hit...That's intentional grounding too...a double whammy.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) And Klatt trips over an invisible foot on third and long.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Third and 37, I don't see them making this. Safe running personal foul face first down. Mark that as a major mental mistake.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Brandon Meriweather is having a huge game so far and he's being assisted by a poor playcall from Barnett. Barnett gets into a mode where he just outsmarts himself and that was one of those moments.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) And now Miami is going with the hurry up on offense and its working very well.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Yes, Danielson, Wright is maturing, we get it.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Klatt gets baited into an interception. Miami's cover 2 is almost impossible to beat with deep throws in the middle of the field.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Miami faces a third down inside the 15 again, they have to get over these red zone problems.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Wright goes with a QB draw and gets speared on the tackle. Wright sort of slid into that but the tackle led with the helmet.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) Four shots inside the five and nothing but a field goal to show for it.

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-- (UM 6, Colo 0) Willie Williams is in the game, without shackles even.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) I think that's the sixth tackle for Meriweather already.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) 3rd and short for Colorado here, they need a drive to rest their defense and instead it's almost intercepted.

-- (UM 12, Colo 0) I return from changing laundry to see Wright connect with Moss for a long touchdown that covers over 50 yards. Moss has become the go to receiver for Wright.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) The Buffaloes need to score now or this game could get broken open. The Buffaloes failed on their only scoring opportunity this half.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Just getting one first down was big for the Buffaloes. They can go into the half 13 down, but not 20 down. Best case scenario is to get some points.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Big 3rd and 3 here and Klatt completes a pass for five.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Colorado is now finding success running the counter against Miami and sealing off their defensive ends.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) This drive has already taken four minutes.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) I don't understand the wide run there, especially when the middle had been successful.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Another 3rd and 4 here, big play for the Miami defense coming up.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Terrible play call, Miami is too fast for a TE Screen.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) I don't expect Miami to take a chance with a little over a minute and the ball at the 1.

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-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Sorry I missed a few minutes, Colorado has nothing doing on third and long and will punt from the 50 again. Second time Miami has been pinned inside the ten.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) It'll be interesting to see if Miami will try to move the ball through the air here.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Well that answers my question but the ball went right through Moss' hands.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) No dice on third down and now Colorado has a golden opportunity on offense.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Golden opportunity and field position is loss as Meriweather intercepts Klatt's pass. What a game by the safety.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Big play as Buck Ortega just rumbles down the field for big yardage to give the Canes a first down in the red zone.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Eric Winston's All-American status no longer exists.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Hill drops the screen pass and loses out on a sure touchdown. The red zone goes dead for Miami again.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Third field goal doesn't draw much approval from Miami's prickly fans. They want to see some touchdowns.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Nothing going for the Buffaloes on offense right now. They could probably use a change of quarterback.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Quadrine Hill is going to be a Larry Centers-type threat in the NFL. He's versatile enough to be a tailback but he's got the strength and mentality of a fullback.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Pretty boring third quarter. Colorado has the opportunities, but they can't do anything with a gimpy quarterback. Meanwhile Miami is having major issues with their red zone execution.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Another three and out for Miami and an atrocious punt by Monroe gives Colorado their fourth good scoring opportunity of the game.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) No quarterback change as Klatt scrambles for a few and whizzes a pass too high so it'll be 3rd and around 5.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Probably two-down territory.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Pass is almost intercepted on a deflection and its 4th and 5.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Going for a 58-yard field goal? Hmmm..

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) Well damn if he didn't kick the piss out of that one. Nice and all, but it doesn't do much other than keep the Buffaloes down by two scores.

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) Colorado didn't onsides kick because they want to force Miami to prove they can move the ball.

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) Miami gets aggressive with the pass and Wright is more than up for the challenge with a big play to Leggett and a bigger play to Ortega.

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) A touchdown here by Miami and I'm going to shift to the Minnesota-Purdue game because this isn't very good football.

-- (UM 22, Colo 3) A touchdown by Wright as he calls his own number. I can close the book on this game, there really wasn't much here to brag about for Miami. The defense is excellent but the offense is inconsistent and erratic at times during the game.

-- ('Bama 17, Ark 13) New game with 10 minutes left so I've got time to flip to Purdue-Minn and come back here.

-- (Minn 28, Pur 28) Crud, I missed the game tying score, I'm sure Laurence Maroney was responsible. That kid is a certified bad ass.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Another close game, a few seconds from OT but a BIG play from backup Matt Ryan to the tight end.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) 13 seconds, the Eagles at the Clemson 40. Ryan gets hit as the pass is incomplete.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Ryan's pass is intercepted by Tye Hill and we're going to overtime.

-- (Minn 28, Pur 28) The Gophers stop Purdue on a third and very short. 53 seconds left and the Boilermakers will punt. Great punt is fielded at the 8. Maroney gains 8 and he's over 200 yards.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) I missed the coin toss. I'll assume BC won and chose to defend. So Clemson has the ball at the 25...Whitehurst's pass is off the mark.

Final: Ohio St. 31, Iowa 6....Yeah Iowa sucks.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Second down pass from Whitehurst to Curry is complete for 12 and a first down.

-- (Minn 28, Pur 28) Minnesota wins the toss and chooses to defend.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Short pass to the fullback is complete for short yardage.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Clemson faces third and short, they are 0-10 on third downs...Make that 0-11, that playcall sucked.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Short field goal is good.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Don't ask me how, but Purdue scored.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) First down pass is incomplete as Ryan was pressured heavily.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Third down pass from Ryan is complete at the 11, first down.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Stretch run looks like a touchdown but the refs give Clemson a hometown spot at the spot.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Ryan's sneak probably gives them a first down. They have less than a inch to go for a victory.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Hand off to the deep back...TOUCHDOWN!! Eagles win their first ACC game.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Maroney gets the call on first and goal and loses a yard. Second down is a bootleg and Cupito gets tackled at the four. It's third and goal.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) False start makes it third and 8. And Cupito is flushed out of the pocket as he pass falls incomplete.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Fourth and the football game...Penn State wins and I'm still not going to rank them in the blog poll.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Fourth down slant pass is caught for the touchdown!!!

-- (Pur 35, Minn 34) Extra point is good!

-- (Minn 35, Pur 35) Gophers have first and goal at the 8, Maroney is out getting a cut worked out. But his backup Russell gains three.

-- (Minn 41, Pur 35) Russell scores on a dive play, he's a powerful little running back.

-- (Minn 42, Pur 35) Running play to Boyd gains seven.

-- (Minn 42, Pur 35) 3rd and 1 isolation play to Boyd is stuffed like a chicken.

-- (Minn 42, Pur 35) Fourth and the football game..Out of the shotgun...INCOMPLETE!!! Gophers win! Gophers win! Welcome to the blogpoll fellas!

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