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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Liveblogging ND-Mich

...Because someone has to.

-- (ND 0, MICH 0): Ok, 77 degrees is not hot, it's beautiful. 97 degrees is hot.

-- (ND 0, MICH 0): The Wolverines a little banged up along the front, another sign to bet on Notre Dame.

-- (ND 0, MICH 0): So far ND is running, three plays in a row and two first downs.

-- (ND 0, MICH 0): Wow, Quinn just overshot his receiver...Yikes that was a 40-yard completion. Next play Quinn's on point, right now it's safe to say that Michigan's defense is struggling big time.

-- (ND 0, MICH 0): Quinn is on fire in the early part of this game and the Irish have a first and goal at the Michigan 5.

-- (ND 6, MICH 0): Quinn hits McKnight for the touchdown, that was almost too easy. Yes, Michigan's defense has some considerable problems.

-- (ND 7, MICH 0): Quinn was 5-of-6 for 44 yards on that drive. Michigan will need to get some first downs and establish a little clock on their drive because the defense needs to stay off the field as much as possible.

-- (ND 7, MICH 0): Henne with a nice third down conversion. When he has time he can make a secondary look silly.

-- (ND 7, MICH 0): I think the best way for Hart to get involved in the game early would be through short passing.

-- (ND 7, MICH 0): That was a huge stop for Michigan's defense, they started pressuring Quinn too.

-- (ND 7, MICH 0): BTW, my plays for the morning are: Marshall +9.5, Va. Tech -20.5, Cincinnati +17.5 and that's it I think.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): A nice end around leads to a field goal. Apparently Mike Hart is a bit shaken up. Meanwhile both quarterbacks have cooled considerably.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): Both teams yield their first sacks of the season. Quinn's sack leads to a third and long.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): And Quinn, in a reversal of fortunes, had enough time to milk a cow and convert the third down, ruining Michigan's defensive uprising.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): Seven minutes remaining in the second and there isn't much to say, both defenses have adjusted well and both offenses are struggling. Notre Dame seems to be struggling a little less.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): And just like that the Domers have a first down inside the 40.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): McKnight tore the hell out of something in his lower body on that play. Ouch. Ouch.

-- (ND 7, MICH 3): Walker has two big runs to give the Domers another first and goal and 112K people are quiet.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): The offensive tip drill works again for the Irish. Michigan needs to get going on offense.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): Sorry, I took a break to watch the end of the Marshall-Kansas St. game and possibly the stupidest end of game call in history. If this doesn't make the MGOBLOG "you're fired" list nothing will.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): So where were we. Yes, Michigan needs to drive and score and they are putting together a nice little run here with a first down inside the ND 15.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): Heartbreaking interception at the goal line for Michigan. Not sure exactly what Henne was looking at on that play, but it wasn't the right read.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): Another great defensive stand for the Wolverines leads to another three and out. The funny thing is, since the Michigan defensive coordinator is under the gun here, they will probably blame him for the 14 points he gave up.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): How surreal is that moment when you're interviewing a parent the minute their son gets injured on the field. However credit Darius Walker's parents for carrying the interview.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): And another great defensive stand for Michigan. Damn that coordinator!

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): 93 yards to go, it's time for Henne to get on track with his receivers. The running game hasn't been there.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): Deep ball to Breaston goes right through his hands. Breaston is having a horrible day.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): Three and out from their end zone. Griese is still convinced he overthrew Breaston when the replays clearly show he didn't.

-- (ND 14, MICH 3): Notre Dame gets good field position but fails to get a first down. Man that defensive coordinator sucks!

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): A nice little hook in by the Domer's kicker. I need get him to help me with my short game.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Live score update -- Tulsa 9, Oklahoma 7.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Notre Dame has 28 second half total yards. FUMBLE!!! Michigan recovers in the red zone.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Three straight rushes for Michigan puts them at second and goal at the five. Nice area for some play action.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Grady fumbles...Whew he recovered, that would've been a backbreaker. Meanwhile Griese agrees wiht me that second down playaction would've been nice.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Incomplete pass, fourth down...

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Weis will take a breather. And the fourth down pass is horrible. What a waste.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Michigan can't afford to give up too many first downs. Get the Notre Dame offense off the field immediately.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Another great defensive stand for Michigan and another flat offensive series leads to a fourth down.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Well they are going to go for it...BIG PLAY to Avant, that's what I'm talking about guys, show some damn heart for a chance.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Two quarterback sneaks...No gain.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Ummm, that's a fumble gentleman. Henne never had control of it. I doubt it'll get overturned though because it's not conclusive.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Now they overturned the call, which was the right call. But Carr had a point, Henne scored on that first sneak.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Great defensive play by Woodley, doesn't look like a fumble. They called a fumble. It's not a fumble.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): They will review this. It's not a fumble.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Another good call by the officiating crew. And Michigan fans respond with more trash on the field. They should throw the trash at their own offense.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Michigan's defense does the job again, can the offense do anything?

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): Henne faces another third and long.

-- (ND 17, MICH 3): On fourth down Henne got a man. TOUCHDOWN!! Now we've got a game.

-- (ND 17, MICH 10): A few more live scores: Purdue 28, Akron 14 and threatening. Oklahoma 17, Tulsa 15. Looks like some emperors are being seen with their clothes off.

-- (ND 17, MICH 10): Third and six and the Michigan defense HOLDS again.

-- (ND 17, MICH 10): Third and 10 for the Michigan offense, it's obviously two-down territory.

-- (ND 17, MICH 10): Fourth down and the game for Michigan...make that fourth and 15.

-- (ND 17, MICH 10): And here it goes..and...what the @^#^ what that??

-- (ND 17, MICH 10): A couple of knees and a great job for the Domers....2-0. As for Michigan, time to place that blame from the defense to somewhere else. We're going to close the book on this one.

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