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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Liveblogging FAU-OSU

Picking this one up with 10 minutes remaining in the first...

-- (FAU 0, OSU 0) The Owls stop the Cowboys on third down only to screw it up on fourth down. Ugggh.

-- (FAU 0, OSU 0) This is a huge game for Oklahoma State and the Big XII especially after last week. Right now it's safe to say the Big XII isn't grading out highly on any scale.

-- (FAU 0, OSU 0) If you want to know why Schnellenberger will remain somewhat successful with the Owls it's because he understands speed and conditioning. He does not recruit 300-pound lineman (or big bellies as he calls them) and his pre-season conditioning drills are definitely on par with a Marines boot camp. So the kids won't get tired.

-- (OSU 3, FAU 0) No first down for the Cowboys, but they got something out of the turnover.

-- (OSU 3, FAU 0) Hmm, not a good start for the Owls...

-- (OSU 3, FAU 0) But another three and out for Florida Atlantic so the defense is hanging tough.

-- (OSU 3, FAU 0) And a roughing the kicker call...Discipline really isn't Florida Atlantic's strong suit I see.

-- (OSU 3, FAU 0) Scratch's an offsides.

-- (OSU 3, FAU 0) You would think that Oklahoma State would learn that running lateral on the Owls isn't smart, especially when they are so soft up the middle.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 0) Another three and out, another field goal.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 0) I like Embick as a QB, he runs the pro-set offense pretty well. If FAU can cash in on their drives, this could be a nice little contest.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 0) Another nice roll out and pass from Embick. Guys remember this program is five years old on national television against a BCS conference team.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 0) Great open field tackle stops FAU in the red zone.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 3) The fighting Owls get on the board. Seems like both offenses could do a little damage.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 3) Despite a nice return the Cowboys are stifled for another three and out. This #92 for FAU is having a monster game already. The Oklahoma State offensive line has yet to reach mediocre status.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 3) Oof another bad turnover. Looks like Embick's arm was moving forward but there's no replay here so we move on.

-- (OSU 6, FAU 3) After three tries, the Cowboys finally bull in for the score.

-- (OSU 13, FAU 3) The Owls have to score on their next drive because the defense is getting very tired .

-- (OSU 13, FAU 3) First half ended. Seems like OSU should be up 31-3, but credit FAU's defense for hanging in there.

-- (OSU 13, FAU 3) Didn't OSU receive the kick in the first half too? This is odd.

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