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Saturday, September 10, 2005

LiveBlogging The Evening Games...

I'll be here for Georgia-South Carolina, Texas-OSU and LSU-Arizona St.

-- (SC 0, UGA 0) BTW this is a major revenge game for the Dawgs. Spurrier has only played in Sanford Stadium once and he ran up the score when he did because no visiting team had ever scored 50.

-- (SC 0, UGA 0) I don't expect Blake Mitchell to go 18-for-23 for 3oo+ yards today. Just call it a hunch.

-- (SC 0, UGA 0) One thing that'll make the ol' ball coach steam -- turnovers.

-- (SC 0, UGA 0) I hope Mark Richt doesn't go soft in this game because he's intimidated by Spurrier. Georgia is a much better team and should lay the smack down.

-- (SC 0, UGA 0) The Gamecocks have moved the ball with a little success, meanwhile Iowa State is beating Iowa!. Amazing...I'm impressed.


-- (UGA 7, SC 0) South Carolina's offense is in the tank right now as the offensive line can't handle Georgia's pressure.

-- (UGA 7, SC 0) Shockley is tipped and intercepted...Could be a pick six...It is, nice effort.

-- (UGA 7, SC 6) Shockley really looks comfortable running the offense out of the shotgun, it fits all of his strengths.

-- (GT 26, UNC 14) A quick switch as Reggie Ball calls his own number on a score. The Wreck are going to open 2-0 and they look quite strong. Watch out Miami and Virginia Tech.

-- (UGA 7, SC 13 6) Oops, double motion is bad. But Spurrier's always willing to push the envelope as the Gamecocks are threatening.

-- (SC 9, UGA 7) The Cocks settle for a field goal instead. Hmmm.

-- (SC 9, UGA 7) Turnovers turnovers turnovers. Shockley is definitely not throwing the ball well.

-- (NU 38, NIU 31) A fun little game I've switched too, and the Huskies tie the game with under 15 seconds remaining!!!

-- (GT 27, UNC 21) Matt Baker threw another interception and Georgia Tech wins!

-- (NU 38, NIU 37) N. Illinois is going for two...NO Good!!....Damn I had money on them to win straight up! @^%@%!.

-- (SC 9, UGA 7) Back to the original game as a wince from a lost bet. Georgia gets an interception and is driving.

-- (UGA 10, SC 9) Field goal is up and good.

-- (UGA 10, SC 9) Mitchell so far: 9-of-16 with two interceptions.

-- (UGA 10, SC 9) Big third down for the Cocks goes wrong as Mitchell gets obliterated by the Georgia pass rush.

-- (UGA 10, SC 9) Hmm live score, The Citadel 10, Florida St. 3....Hmmm

-- (UGA 10, SC 9) Georgia has an obvious advantage at the line of scrimmage but it isn't turning into points.

-- (UGA 17, SC 9) Brown shakes, shimmies and shuffles into the end zone.

-- (Tex 0, OSU 0) Vincent Young is a man-child.

-- (UGA 17, SC 9) Two big plays for the Cocks puts them first and goal.

-- (UGA 17, SC 15) Cocks get in the end zone and will have to go for two.

-- (UGA 17, SC 15) Conversion fails...Anyone think of going for QB draws or something these days.

-- (UGA 17, SC 15) Sorry I'm distracted with this FSU game, but the Cocks failed to convert on 4th ands 19 and the Dawgs will win a very tough game.

-- (Tex 10, OSU 0) The Buckeyes believe they can with win Troy Smith...Hmmm I believe they can win with a good running game.

-- (Tex 10, OSU 3) All this passing doesn't seem to fit Ohio State correctly. Smith isn't that good a passer.

-- (Tex 10, OSU 3) And when I say that the Buckeyes break off a nice running play.

-- (Tex 10, OSU 10) See and I said the Buckeyes can't win with the pass. I'm not that smart...really :)

-- (OSU 22, Tex 16) Work has reared its ugly head again, but I've seen enough of this game to be glad that I TiVo'd it.

-- (ASU 10, LSU 7) Meanwhile this one should also go down to the wire.

-- (OSU 22, Tex 16) A field-goal from 50 to clinch a win goes wide. Five minutes remaining and Vince Young has the ball. That's scary.

-- (Tex 23, OSU 22) Scary indeed! What a pitch and catch.

-- (Tex 23, OSU 22) The Buckeyes have plenty of time to recover..

-- (Tex 23, OSU 22) FUMBLE!!! FUMBLE!! They won't get saved by replay this time. However, a Texas touchdown still can't shut them out.

-- (Tex 23, OSU 22) Fourth down. The Longhorns have to go for it! The don't get it??? Baloney!

-- (Tex 23, OSU 22) I swear the Luckeyes have the refs in their pocket...Smith has a long way to go.

-- (Tex 23, OSU 22) Maybe it would be wise to take....a sack....yeah and onside it.

-- (Tex 25, OSU 22) Horns recover...Mack Brown OWNS the Big Ten baby! :)

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