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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LiveBlogging BSU-BGSU

Lots of Bs Ss and Us in this one.

My score prediction? Boise State 56, Bowling Green 31.

-- (BSU 3, BG 0) First drive was a little surprising because the Falcons tighten up inside the 10, I figured they'd just let Boise State score so they could get on offense quicker.

-- (BSU 3, BG 0) Hmm is Omar Jacobs a first-round pick? He might be.

-- (BSU 3, BG 0) I expect Jacobs to pass a lot since the Broncos are one of the worst pass defending teams in the nation.

-- (BSU 3, BG) Hmmm, 3-and-out for the Falcons (Jacobs 0-for-2).

-- (BSU 6, BG 0) Looks like the Broncos will have to go for a third field goal. Give Bowling Green a bit of credit, they aren't breaking.

-- (BSU 6, BG 6) Jacobs finally warms up and gets the Falcons down the field. Needless to say his kicker wasn't prepared for the work.

-- (BSU 13, BG 6) The Broncos special teams don't play....they take it to the house. And this is the scoring I expect out of these two teams. You just get the feeling things are going to break open real soon.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) I have to admit this liveblog sucks because I've been busy with work. I'm hoping we can now see some Omar Jacobs magic.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) And I've been focused on my side project TUT Juice. I'm sure you've heard of it now, it's sweeping the nation.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) And besides my side project TUT Juice, I was also watching this JetBlue landing of a plane that had its landing gear lodged sideways, it was pretty damn impressive.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Only 93 yards of passing for Jacobs? He should be throwing on every down.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Finally he launches a missle and gets a big play.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Jacobs gets stopped and the Broncos are driving again, this seems almost too easy.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Rushing yards: BSU 211, BG 24

-- (BSU 33, BG 6) Any chance of them calling off the dogs? I didn't think so either.

-- (BSU 34, BG 6) Now it does seem like the Broncos are getting away with some tight coverage on passing.

-- (BSU 41, BG 6) Games like these are almost impossible to blog. Even though I've got BSU and the points (which if you read TUT Juice, you'd know that), I still want Omar Jacobs to at least make the game fun.

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