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Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm back...

And just in time...

-- (Rut 27, Ill 27) 52-yarder is wide and we're going to overtime!

-- (TCU 17, OU 10 !!!) 2:10 remaining and TCU fails on a third and long. Should be an easy punt situation, I have no faith in the Sooners' ability to move down the field.

-- (Rut 27, Ill 27) The best overtime in football. I'm torn between these two games, so I'll do picture in picture :)

-- (TCU 17, OU 10!!!) The Sooners are running the two-minute offense with the execution of a city boy herding cattle. I wonder if the coaches even practiced the hurry up.

-- (Rut 30, Ill 27) Ok, I need a touchdown from Illinois to win my early bet. 1st down play, smart QB draw for eight. I love the college overtime because you can run a basic offense. Damn penalty will make it 2nd and 7 though.

-- (Rut 30, Ill 27) Big play for the Illini sets up 1st and goal at the two. You've gotta love the resilency of Zook. His teams never stop trying.

-- (Ill 33, Rut 30) It's over! Great start for Ron Zoon in Illinois!

-- (TCU 17, OU 10) BIG TIME SHOCKER!!!

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