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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good: Nine sacks, sort of makes up for these last five games with no sacks I think. Andre Fluellen had a dominating game inside, especially in the 3-4 lineup. Kamerion Wimbley completely abused Mr. Top Ten draft choice. Marcello Church has found his niche as a great blitzing linebacker. Late in the third quarter Wright was looking straight at an incoming Fluellen and turned right into a body blow by Church. I would've hated to go through that.

More Good: Tony Carter was terrific, definitely proved his worth. Kyler Hall has had his three best career games against Miami and he finally delivered the hit that I've been waiting four years to see. Fred Rouse was a special teams demon and Lawrence Timmons continues to be one.

The Bad: I didn't like the way the QB situation was handled. It seemed like Drew was hung out to dry during that third quarter. He was struggling, he wasn't making reads and once he threw that designed rollout right into a Miami player's hands, he had to go. I understand loyalty to a starter but it's not cool to watch a guy implode in his first game. Rix imploded against Miami as a freshmen and never recovered. Both of these guys need the confidence that the Citadel will bring.

The Ugly: It was an ugly offensive game. We need to drop a 70 spot on Citadel. The receivers didn't get involved, once up 10-0 it was like they went to a shut down offense. The coaches showed their faith in Drew on the 1st and goal series after the blocked punt by not calling a playaction pass or anything. You gotta try something different. The kicking game is still a major question mark.

Other Notes: One thing I saw on TV as XL was warming up, Drew came over and tapped him on the helmet. It was a nice gesture, much like their post-game celebration.

-- Ross improved as the game went on, but I really can't see him holding on to his spot for the full season.

-- It's crucial to get the receivers involved next week. It had to be a frustrating night for them with the Canes daring FSU to pass.

-- I'd like to see Chase Goggans as the short field goal kicker. Much like having two QBs, it's ok to have two kickers or three kickers or as many as necessary to make sure 85% of our field goals are made this season.

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