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Friday, September 02, 2005


Saturday, 6 p.m.

The Game: It’s Urban Meyer’s debut in Florida and by all intents and purposes he is the greatest thing period. Better than white bread, better than a slice of N.Y.’s finest. He is already the best coach in the SEC. His spread option offense is the most unstoppable force since the mid-1980s Hulk Hogan and he should easily win a national title this year and next year as well. As a matter of fact there’s already been government proposals to rename the major airports and seaports in this great state after Meyer. As for Wyoming, who cares…It’s the place where Al Simpson and that Olympic wrestler dude are from.

The Players: Dude it’s Urban Meyer’s team, it doesn’t matter who the players are because they are now All-Americans just because the anointed one says so. Chris Leak, who’s never come close to winning an SEC title or hell winning nine games in a season should now be considered a Heisman frontrunner.

The Numbers: Florida rarely loses openers because they don’t play anyone of note. Previous opponents have included San Jose St., NE Louisiana, SW Louisiana, Louisiana Tech., Louisiana Southern, Louisiana Bible and Palatka High School.

The Line: Opened at around 23 for the Urbans and it’s currently sitting at 23. The over/under is 58.

The Forecast: I expect Urban the Great to bring his hand down from the thunderous sky and bless all of those who have drank his grape kool-aid during this long offseason. As for the game, the Gators will kick their ass.

The Pick: Florida 52, Wyoming 17

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