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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Early Game LiveBlogging

*Note* Unfortunately I have to assist in a move so I'll only be on for about an hour.

-- (BG 7, Wis 0) Some throwbacks are better left in the past. Wisconsin's helmets should be included in that bunch. However, I like the potential of Brian Calhoun in that offense, he should be able to do great things.

-- (TCU 0, OU 0) The Horned Frogs are driving, but they face a 3rd and 11 at the OU 38. Playing armchair QB, I'll call a screen. Instead they miss badly with a fade.

-- (Mia OH 0, OSU 0) The Redbirds are using a rare 1-1-9 defensive formation to put sextuple coverage on Ted Ginn Jr. So needless to say Zwick tosses a 20-yard fade to the REAL receiver on the team (Santonio Holmes) and scores a touchdown.

-- (Ill 0, Rut 0) Already not liking the looks of this bet. You'd think after years of Zook's teams screwing me in Gainesville I'd know better. Right now Illinois looks like they are still in 'thud' practice.

-- (BG 13, Wis 0) Yowzers. I mean pundits have been calling this upset for four months, you think the Badgers would be prepared.

-- (Rut 3, Ill 0) Not sure who this Illinois QB is, but if he keeps throwing floaters like that, he needs to sit down.

-- (Rut 3, Ill 0) Total yards: Rutgers 114, Illinois 6....Six yards against Rutgers!!? Oh well interception just led to a missed field goal.

-- (Rut 3, Ill 0) The Illini have driven to a first and goal while I grabbed my laundry. Let's see if Zook has improved at all in goal-line coaching. First play is a bobbled snap. Why did I place this bet? Why? Why? Why?

-- (OSU 10, Mia OH 0) The Redbirds innovative assortment of bubble screens and inside draws haven't caught Ohio State off balance just yet.

-- (Ill 7, Rut 3) Oh yeah baby, touchdown Illinois...I knew Zook wouldn't let me down.

-- (Wis 21, BG 20) Well it looks like this game is going to hit the over. Meanwhile it appears that TCU has taken a 7-0 lead. I love this game baby!

-- (Rut 13, Ill 7) Not sure what I feel about either of these teams. Both have some noticable talent, but both should be conference bottom feeders.

-- Ok, I have to go move (!%@%) My mid-day plays are:

South Florida (+21.5) over Penn State
Boston College (-2) over BYU
Florida/Wyoming total points over 58.5

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