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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Distractions Distractions (VT/NCSU)

Of course, I got sidetracked for a few hours so I missed a lot of the second half of the Kentucky game. The Wildcats surprised me, that's for sure. They hung in until the very end but they couldn't stop Michael Bush and the bruising running game by Louisville.

Andre Woodson has great potential and Kentucky might be able to come out of the woodwork and give a couple of teams a scare, but overall they don't have much on defense to be taken seriously as a competitor.

Louisville needs to shore up its pass defense and defense in general. Offensively they are terrific, but defensively they got lazy and it showed.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) Marcus Vick is a better passer than his brother. If Mike Vick had Marcus' passing ability, he'd be the perfect QB in today's NFL.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) This N.C. State defensive line is as good as advertised. They are big and fast.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) RE: Marcus' passing skills. I would like to see the Hokies call more plays that allow him to pass over the middle of the field.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) Vick finally shows those ridiculous family skills on a crucial third and 10, he was trapped and somehow gained 20 yards.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) Fourth and inches at the 11. I am guessing Tech will go and left Vick keep it.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) I'm right again! Easy first down pick up.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 10) The Wolfpack defense strikes again, HUGE sack on 2nd and goal. And on 3rd and goal the QB draw nets short yardage.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 13) We're even again. This is too good for an early season matchup.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 13) Ummm Blackman, moves like that will get you a permanent spot on the bench.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 13) Second and 10 from the half-yard line and a sneak gets a few more inches. No clue what I'd call here.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 13) Mike Imoh's major is apparel....Eh?

-- (NCSU 13, VT 13) Ooooo, Blackman REALLY blew it...His mistake will cost three points AT least.

-- (NCSU 13, VT 13) Vick shows the touch and throws a floater to Clowney for a touchdown on a third and long. Great patience in the face of the blitz.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) And the momentum has switched. Meanwhile my best friend and I are thinking of new majors for Imoh. So far we have 'Crafts', 'Pamphlets', and 'Piping'

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) More Imoh Majors: Lateral Landscaping, Fertilizing, Internet Search Engines (ISE) and Food Digestion.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) That doesn't look like a fumble to me. I believe replay will prove its worth again.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) And replay works again.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) The Wolfpack need a nice punt here and a strong, quick defensive stand.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) GREAT CALL!!! What a fake!

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) There's something about the Wolfpack offense I don't like...I guess I think they should let Davis go downfield a little more.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 13) Fourth and a little over one. I'd take the field goal. And they did.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) I don't expect an onside kick.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) I'm convinced every team has one dominating run-oriented drive in them a game, is this going be Virginia Tech's?

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) Wolfpack has 11 penalties for 100 yards...Oof.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) This is a bad spot. Imoh got the first down. It'll be 4th and very short. Not field goal range. I believe he'll go with Vick.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) He does and it was too easy. The QB sneak is almost indefensible.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) With three minutes left, N.C. State needs to think about using their timeouts soon.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) Big stop by the Wolfpack and a long field goal at about 45 yards.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) Oh no, the Wolfpack are going to get hosed on this call here.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) Long field goal with 46 seconds...Tick tock tick tock, they are going to punt instead of the field goal. Very smart move.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) N.C. State needs to something to get to midfield for a hail mary.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) 31-yarder to Tremaine Hall...That'll work and a great job by Hall to get out of bounds.

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) Double hook and ladder...Cute

-- (VT 20, NCSU 16) Davis floats one to the goal line and it's intercepted...Great game and great victory for Virginia Tech.

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