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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Choke Jobs, Idaho, Transfers, etc.

Sorry for the light posting, I'm at my parents house in the southern part of the state and I've been doing fun things like going to the beach and enjoying the paradise that is South Florida.

However, I didn't forget my obligations.


Well the Tigers were infected by the "Les Mile disease" which is a little different than the "West Nile disease". Yes the "Les Mile disease" is one where a team suddenly forgets how to be creative on offense once they have a lead. The Tigers completely shut things down on offense in the second half for no apparent reason. Sure it was nice to have a 21-0 lead, but what's wrong with 28-0 or 35-0? Not a good start to Miles' coaching career in Baton Rouge.

Meanwhile Fulmer continues to juggle between the quarterback that produces and wins (Rick Clausen) and the quarterback he likes (Erik Ainge). The fact is Ainge hasn't been the same without Brent Schaffer pushing him and you wonder if losing his fellow competitor has taken a lot out of him. Nonetheless a huge win for the Volunteers because they were about to be regulated to an SEC afterthought.

The Harris Poll

Well it's already a joke (and let's be honest, who didn't expect this) and it's not due to what's at the top, but what's in the middle and the bottom.

Idaho (0-4) receives votes?!?! From who? Well the guys at the Harris Poll aren't telling and therein lies the problem. College football is already known as the most politically corrupt sport out there. Only in NCAA football do half the Division 1-A teams start the season with no chance of winning the national title regardless of their record and people that represent these conferences make up half the voting.

This is going to get bad, especially if there's another Boise State out there. You remember Boise State, 11-0 record, no BCS. Well what if all the non-BCS conferences decided to go the collusion route and ruin the polls by voting....Michigan #1. Yeah, 2-2 Michigan gets put over...Virginia Tech. It's very possible, for the first time those who represent the WAC, MAC, C-USA, Sun Belt, etc. have a say in what's going on and don't think that they won't gladly make an example.

FSU Stuff (Lee transferring rumors)

For some odd reason the people at Warchant did a story on Xavier Lee and his mentality. The quarterback situation is real sensitive at FSU because while Drew Weatherford is the starter and he's very capable and mature, but he's also very limited (think a younger, more accurate Brad Johnson) and if Lee transfers FSU is stuck with a mature, smart, limited QB for three more years. I mean I thought the world of Jason White, but when it came time to cash in he was useless.

So expect Lee to get time this weekend. Bowden wants it to happen and it will happen. The coaches are quick to say that three weeks ago Lee thought he needed rotator cuff surgery and he's finally at full health so what does that mean? I dunno.

Meanwhile Weatherford has proclaimed that the team is 100% behind him and they believe in him and he's not worried about anything else because he's the man. Oh boy.

Blogpoll is coming up.

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