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Saturday, September 03, 2005

BSU-Georgia LiveBlogging

Finally the game I've been waiting for!!!

-- (UGA 0, BSU 0) First play for BSU...Interception.

-- (UGA 0, BSU 0) Mark my words, the D.J. Shockley era will be so exciting people will wonder why Richt didn't make the switch two years ago. Rotating them was stupid and trying to make Shockley adapt to an offense suited for David Greene was stupider.

-- (UGA 7, BSU 0) And right away, Shockley runs the speed option for a score from 17 yards out. This could get real ugly, real quick.

-- (PSU 17, USF 7) Yeah I'm still cheating on the other game because I have money on it. Julmiste looks semi-servicable as a QB. I'm calling it right now and putting Denson at WR because they could use WRs and frankly Denson sucks a QB.

-- (UGA 7, BSU 0) The Broncos were running the ball nicely until Zabransky threw his second floater in the zone. And of course you know what happened next.

-- (UGA 14, BSU 0) Shockley decides to show off his passing skills and tosses a bomb to Ken Harris for another touchdown...Shockley 4 Heisman!

-- (UGA 14, BSU 0) The Broncs can take advantage of the mistake and get some points if Zabransky quits throwing floaters. I think he's playing as if he can enjoy the elevation that he does when in Boise.

-- (PSU 17, USF 7) The punting exhibition is becoming very exciting. Penn State's offense remains garbage.

-- (UGA 14, BSU 0) The Broncos are playing the game of "foot attrition", basically it's shooting yourself in both feet to see which falls off first. On one foot there are bad turnovers, on the other foot there are penalties.

-- (PSU 23, USF 7) I wonder if the Bulls will go with frosh Carlton Hill after this lackluster showing by the quarterbacks. Julmiste has been the better of the two today.

-- (UGA 14, BSU 0) 1.....2.....3......4 interceptions thrown by Zabransky today.

-- Night plays include USC/Hawaii Over 64.5

-- (PSU 23, USF 7) The Bulls hang tough and get a 1st and goal. Julmiste has done a better than average job and gives them something to build off of.

-- (UGA 17, BSU 0) Shockley had a ridiculous scramble called back due an illegal block.

-- (PSU 23, USF 13) Bulls score a late touchdown to guarantee my play of +21.5 will be solid. Thank you :)

-- (PSU 23, USF 13) The Bulls just got screwed out of recovering an onside kick based on...I dunno what the hell it was based was a horrible call and the exact reason why instant replay is in college.

-- (UGA 24, BSU 0) Shockley throws his second TD pass of the game. This guy is going to be awesome this season.

-- (USC 0, HAW 0) Let the three-peat big begin!
-- In other scores: Florida 14, Wyoming 0 (2), Kansas St. 35, FIU 21 (F), Michigan 33, N. Illinois 17 (F), Air Force 20, Washington 17 (F), Cal 10, Sacramento St. 3 (H), Colorado 28, Colorado St. 21 (4), Virginia 24, W. Michigan 3 (2).

-- (UGA 31, BSU 0) I told you this one could get ugly.

-- (USC 7, HAW 3) The Warriors have decided that 12-minute drives will be their best defense against Southern Cal. That's nice until the Trojans build a 21-point lead.

-- (USC 14, HAW 3) So far the Trojans haven't missed a beat. Meanwhile Hawaii continues to reign supreme as the team with the best hair.

-- Programming note: We're going to be switching to ND-Pittsburgh soon so the new games will be ND-Pittsburgh and USC-Hawaii. Go to a Georgia board for more liveblogging of Georgia-Boise St.

-- (ND 0, PITT 0) Now Pittsburgh's throwbacks I can get with.

-- (USC 21, HAW 3) Bush gets a 9.1 from the judges on that landing. It was a little rough and his form could've been tighter.

-- (PITT 7, ND 0) So far it doesn't look like Charlie Weis can do much about the domers' pass defense.

-- (PITT 7, ND 7) But Weis knows his offense. You better believe he knows his offense. That drive was straight of the Patriots play book.

-- (USC 21, HAW 3) On 4th and 5, the Warriors fall for the fast count. Unbelievable.

-- (USC 21, HAW 3) Ok, everytime USC touches the ball they will score, which means they are headed for 56 points give or take a few. Usually Hawaii at home is good for 14-16 points, so hopefully this game should hit the over.

-- (ND 14, PITT 10) Notre Dame looks much more confident right now on both sides of the ball. Is Charlie Weis a miracle worker? No they will struggle. But is he winner? Absolutely, and that will rub off on his team.

-- (USC 21, HAW 3) I need points!

-- (USC 28, HAW 3) Whew...I need more...33.5 more. C'mon Trojans, where's that killer instinct? And c'mon Warriors, where's the Hawaiian punch.

-- (ND 20, PITT 10) The Irish are throwing themselves back to 1988, they are physically breaking down Pittsburgh. But it's early.

-- (ND 28, PITT 10) Holy smokes...I did NOT see this one coming. Is that the Patriots out there?

-- (USC 28, HAW 10) That's more like it boys!

-- (USC 35, HAW 10) Oh yeah baby...Give me more...I want more points!! 64.5 is what I need!


-- (ND 35, PITT 13) Not sure why I'm so surprised by this considering Weis has been coaching circles around Wannstedt for about five years now.

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