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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bowden Wants Deep Passes, More Lee..

A surprise as Steve Ellis, normally the local whipping boy for Seminole fans and players alike, actually had the best notebook information in the most recent practice [Tallahassee Democrat].

The coaches finally had a chance to review the film and it seems like Drew Weatherford played worst than originally expected as Jeff Bowden said the quarterback "had receivers open everywhere". In the end he wishes he would've called more deep passes since the play was there.

"I wish I had more deep balls," Jeff Bowden said. "We had some formations in that I didn't have the ability to go deep in. I could have shot myself for that.

"So much of their (defensive) scheme ended up not being what it had been the last four years. You had to get in special formations to get them to give you the one-on-one (matchups)."

The other big issue was the blown opportunity to score from the first and goal at the 1 opportunity after Jae Thaxton blocked a punt. Those not in the know continue to blame Jeff Bowden for this ineptitude, but most of us knew that the head man was responsible for these calls and later that was confirmed.

For the record Jeff Bowden did have a play-action pass called for second down that was overruled for another ill-timed run.

"He told us he shouldn't (have called it)," Jeff Bowden said. "We had the call (a toss sweep) we wanted. We all kind of felt like coach Bowden wanted the belly and he did. But we knew that wasn't what we had for that situation. I should have just said, 'No, coach. That's wrong.'"

Meanwhile everyone's interested in seeing more of the young FSU receivers like Fred Rouse and Richard Goodman and the backup quarterback Xavier Lee, that includes the coaching staff as well.

"I said, 'Jeffrey we got to start rotating these young guys' ... we got to get more big-play people in there," head coach Bobby Bowden said. "(Fred) Rouse kind of sprained his ankle today. I hope it's not bad. He's a guy we would like to see a lot more of."

And of course that's good news for the other freshman quarterback who just had five plays against Miami.
That's definitely good news," Lee said. "I just want to get out there and get more used to the game."

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