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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Blogpoll

I took a day off yesterday...I earned it.

The official blogpoll and here's my individual ballot.

And a quick rundown of why each team went where they did.

1. Southern Cal: (No move) Who's better?
2. Louisiana State: (no move) Great character victory in a "home" game with a hostile environment.
3. Texas: (no move) They successfully defended their spot.
4. Georgia: (+1) Give South Carolina credit for being a tough opponent.
5. Virginia Tech: (+2) Another easy OOC fror the Hokies (Ohio U).
6. Notre Dame: (+11) Big bounce? Sure, but the Irish deserve it.
7. Louisville: (+1) I think the Cards will look strong this week.
8. Florida State: (+1) Tough match against BC upcoming.
9. Tennessee: (+1) If the Vols beat Florida and LSU back to back (both of the road) where do I rank them?
10. Florida: (+2) Urban Meyer finally gets a chance to prove himself as a coach.
11. Miami (Florida): (+2) Will be looking for revenge on Clemson for 2004 loss.
12. Ohio State: (-8) Good game, but you lost. Starting Troy Smith is a smart move.
Ohio State
13. Georgia Tech: (+1) Reggie Ball just continues to get better, they've got a big road game at Miami coming up soon.
14. Michigan: (-8) No quality wins, a terrible home loss, they should be lucky they are ranked so high.
15. Alabama: (no change) Brutal conference schedule begins soon.
16. Cal: (no change) Should've beaten Washington badly.
17. Fresno State: (+2) Big game at Oregon this week
18. UCLA: (+4) This week could be Karl Dorrell's finest moment.
19. Boston College: (NR) I should have ranked them last week
20. Arizona State: (NR) Actually I had them 23 last week but accidentally typed Arizona. They loss, but they won (if that makes sense)
21. North Carolina State: (NR) Doesn't seem like these guys have played in months.
22. Purdue: (-4) Tough time with Akron?
23. Vanderbilt: (NR) Started the season with two road wins.
24. Clemson: (NR) Short-lived ranking? We'll see on Saturday.
25. Texas A&M: (no change): Aggies should handle SMU easily.

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