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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogpoll Review...

I'll put up my new votes tomorrow. Here's a breakdown of my preseason poll.

1. Southern Cal: Easily defeated Hawaii and they really look the most professional of the teams out there. Given their schedule they will be tough to beat. Forecast: Stable

2. Louisiana State: DNP due to Katrina. Moving the ASU game to Tempe made a difficult schedule even moreso, but if anyone can handle it, it's the Bayou Bengals. Forecast: Stable

3. Louisville: Kentucky proved to be more fiesty at home than many people (myself included) expected. The Cardinals will rebound from a lackluster second half. Forecast: Sliding

4. Michigan: NIU is a perfectly acceptable tough opponent so winning by 16 isn't anything to be ashamed of. Defensively this team is mediocre at best. Forecast: Small slide

5. Ohio State: Typical OSU opener. This week is the real deal. Forecast: Stable.

6. Texas: See OSU. Forecast: Stable.

7. Oklahoma: Time to hit the panic button? Maybe not, but that hasn't stopped Bob Stoops from making a major change already. Forecast: Free fall.

8. Tennessee: Struggling with UAB isn't a total shocker, the Blazers are a tough team on SEC competition. That being said, Fulmer will right his wrong and start Clausen against Florida [Wire]. Forecast: Small slide.

9. Virginia Tech: Big opening weekend victory at N.C. State was as tough as I expected. They will improve offensively as the season goes alone. Forecast: Stable/Small Rise.

10. Miami (Florida): They got a quarterback, they got a defense. They need better luck and they were due to lose a game like that. Forecast: Small Slide

11. Georgia: Holy Shockley! Boise State wasn't ready for the way they play football in the dirty south. The Richt offense will meet its maximum potential now. Forecast: Up Up & Away.

12. Iowa: Would've beaten Ball State badly with or without the suspended players. Forecast: Stable/Small Rise.

13. Florida State: Offense will get better. Defense is as good as I thought. Road game against B.C. looms. Forecast: Top 10.

14. Florida: I told co-workers that I don't know how Florida can establish a running game and who was the Gators' leading rusher? Backup QB Josh Portis. Who will be running Urban's offense in 2006? Backup QB Josh Portis. Forecast: Stable/Small Rise.

15. Cal: Joe Ayoob will start again, the question is will he finish. Forecast: Stable.

16. Alabama: Brodie Croyle making through the first game is a start. I think the Tide can surprise people this season. Forecast: Stable.

17. North Carolina State: The loss will drop the Wolfpack a few slots, but the defensive line is better than advertised. They won't be down for long. Forecast: Small Slide.

18. Texas A&M: Coaching blunders contributed to an opening-week loss, but not as much as a poor defensive performance. Forecast: Fringe Top 25.

19. Auburn: Replacing a first-round backfield is harder than it looks. Doing it against a motivated Georgia Tech team was impossible. Forecast: Receiving votes...from someone else.

20. Fresno State: DNP. Forecast: Stable.

21. Boise State: Losing big at Georgia is nothing to be ashamed of...Unless your Jared Zabransky. Forecast: Gone.

22. Pittsburgh: Are you sure Walt Harris wasn't worth an extension? What a pathetic performance. Forecast: Gone.

23. Virginia: Not impressed at all. Al Groh said for anyone not impressed they can see how Oklahoma feels. Well on my poll you can look up to the Sooners. Forecast: Fringe Top 25.

24. Nebraska: Not a real inspiring performance. Bill Callahan has done some good things, but this team doesn't look like they can do much in a weaker Big XII. Forecast: Gone.

25. Arizona State: Did what they were supposed to do. Forecast: Small Rise.

Likely replacements in Top 25: Purdue, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Clemson, UCLA, TCU.

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