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Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogpoll Review (#2)

Time to meet the judge and jury

1. Southern Cal: The Trojans will remain #1 until someone beats them. So good luck in 2006. Forecast: No change

2. Louisiana State: An amazing win for an amazing team of character. Forecast: No change.

3. Texas: The flagbearer for a suddenly weak Big XII defended this spot. Good job. Forecast: No change.

4. Ohio State: Great game, but you lost. Life is unfair. Forecast: Going down.

5. Georgia: Sure the "Shockley for Heisman" campaign took a major plunge, but last time I checked they are still first place in the SEC East. Forecast: Stable.

6. Michigan: The "poor" defense performed admirably. I wish I could say the same for the poor offense. Forecast: Free Fall

7. Virginia Tech: Did what they were supposed to do against Duke. Forecast: Stable.

8. Louisville: Enjoying the bye week. Forecast: Stable

9. Florida State: As exepcted the offense was much better against The Citadel. Don't expect the same against Boston College. Forecast: Stable.

10. Tennessee: Waiting for the Gators. Waiting patiently. Forecast: Stable.

11. Iowa: Will they stay or won't they. That's the question. I expect Iowa to bounce back eventually, but they were terrible this week. Forecast: Free Fall.

12. Florida: Running game improved quite a bit, should give Tennessee something to think about. Forecast: Stable/Small Rise.

13. Miami (Florida): Head to Clemson on Saturday, lost to the Tigers last year. Forecast: Stable.

14. Georgia Tech: Avoided a potential trap game against a somewhat decent UNC team. Reggie Ball continues to impress. Forecast: Stable.

15. Alabama: Yes yes it was a great catch, he'll probably win an ESPY...That being said, I would've liked for 'Bama to look better going into conference play. Forecast: Stable.

16. Cal: Giving the Bears one more chance was the right move, that can be a scoring machine. Forecast: Stable.

17. Notre Dame: Well now, this schedule doesn't seem as hard as it once did. Forecast: Big Bounce.

18. Purdue: Struggling with Akron doesn't get any points with me. Forecast: Small Slide.

19. Fresno State: Blowout victory against weak opponent, looks like the other FSU is ready for whatever. Forecast: Small rise.

20. TCU: Nice knowing ya! Forecast: Over and Out.

21. North Carolina State: Even on a bye week that Wolfpack defense is stout!. Forecast: Stable.

22. UCLA: Not sure why everyone hates Karl Dorrell (no, actually I do), but this team is pretty good. Maybe they can't stop the run but who in the Pac-10 can. Forecast: Small rise.

23. Arizona State: It's rare that I move a team up after a loss, but they represented the Pac-10 very well. Forecast: Small rise.

24. Oklahoma: This team has problems so I'll drop them now to save the pain of dropping them later. Forecast: See ya.

25. Texas A&M: A Bye week does this team good. Forecast: Stable.

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