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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blogpoll In Depth..

Obviously the LSU lost caused a bit of a shakeup at top and I allowed Virginia Tech to bypass Texas despite the fact that Texas' road victory over Ohio State is more impressive than Virginia Tech's home win over Georgia Tech.

So why did I do it? Simple. I believe Virginia Tech can beat USC and I don't think Texas can. Call it a hunch or whatever but I'll still take a team coached by Frank Beamer over one by Mack Brown.

1. Southern Cal (--): Spotted Oregon 13 and took 45. They will get Arizona State's best punch this week as well.

2. Virginia Tech (+3): I'm still in awe of the way they disposed of Georgia Tech. It was too easy.

3. Texas (--): Let's be honest, we STILL don't know if they can beat Oklahoma.

4. Georgia (--): Survived a trap game at Mississippi State. The real schedule is about to begin, I still think this is the team to be in the SEC East.

5. Florida St. (+2): Should be able to enjoy a pretty easy October if team chemistry can stay together but watch the quarterback situation.

6. Florida (+2): Alabama, LSU, Georgia, etc. Hell Vanderbilt isn't going to be a walk in the park for this team.

7. Miami, Fla (+2): Defense is great but they will have to find some identity on offense to beat Virginia Tech.

8. Michigan State (+5): I like their attitudes. I don't believe they are disrespecting opponents but they are sending a message. This is a John L. Smith bunch.

9. Ohio State (+2): They might not lose against this year which means Tressel will be beating himself up over the choice to go back to Justin Zwick in the Texas game.

10. Tennessee (+8): Now that the decision has finally been made to go to Rick Clausen the Volunteers are a threat in any game.

11. Louisiana State (-9): Let's hope the Tigers can overcome the "Les Mile disease" soon enough.

12. Alabama (--): Bama stays stationary because they haven't done anything to deserve a top 10 ranking.

13. Cal (+1): Is Jeff Tedford a quarterback guru or a running back guru? Maybe he's just a good coach.

14. Notre Dame (+1): Much better than anyone would've thought through four games. They should beat Purdue.

15. UCLA (+1): I hope the Bruin fans get over their hate for Karl Dorrell long enough to enjoy this uprising.

16. Arizona State (+3): They, not Oregon, are USC's crucial test in the Pac 10.

17. Minnesota (NR): It's my opinion that Laurence Maroney should be the first running back selected in next year's NFL draft.

18. Georgia Tech (-8): No shame in losing to the Hokies at Blacksburg, plenty of shame in the way they did it.

19. Vanderbilt (+1): Laugh if you want, they are 4-0 and unlike Penn State they didn't need half the MAC conference to get there.

20. Wisconsin (+6): They only have one dimension on offense, but it's a pretty good one.

21. West Virginia (+5): Believe me they can surprise Virginia Tech in Morgantown. They have done it before.

22. Boston College (+2): Backup quarterback in Death Valley? No problem for the Eagles.

23. Texas Tech (+3): The fact that the Raiders didn't use Indiana State to score triple digits makes me respect them a little more.

24. Texas Christian (+2): Every time I try to bump these guys out, they fight their way back in.

25. Iowa State (+1): A game at West Point is much tougher than people expect. The Cyclones are shaky at best.

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