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Friday, September 09, 2005

Around the ACC/State

I'd be a fool if I didn't link to my column which includes: Potential QB controversy at Florida (not really), Notre Dame recruiting update and the new, tough ACC. [Link]

Virginia Tech (1-0) at Duke (0-1): Go figure the one sport Virginia Tech can actually beat Duke at would be football. Although didn't they upset them in basketball last season? Maybe. Nonetheless this is the week we get to see Marcus Vick unleashed. Virginia Tech 41-7.

Clemson (1-0) at Maryland (1-0): I always worry about Maryland at home, they are tough at home. Clemson is usually weak on the road and they tend to underachieve a week after they overachieve. I know you see what I'm getting at. Maryland 28-24.

Army (0-0) at Boston College (1-0): The Eagles get a breather a week before FSU comes to town. Good chance to get everyone healthy. Boston College 35-3.

North Carolina (0-0) at Georgia Tech (1-0): I had a good feeling about the Wramblin' Wreck last week and I expect a little bit of a downer this week but not enough to lose. Meanwhile North Carolina tends to peak around Week 7. Georgia Tech 21-9.

Wake Forest (0-1) at Nebraska (1-0): I'm actually feeling the upset bug here but I'm going to hold off. The Deacons are certainly capable of keeping up with the Cornhuskers on offense, but their defense concerns me. Nebraska 35-27.

Other State Games

Oklahoma St. (1-0) at Florida Atlantic (0-1): Again the Owls are capable of pulling the upset but they are so undisciplined. I expect them to have a bunch of ill-advised penalties and turn the ball over four times in a loss. Oklahoma State 23-3.

Florida Int'l (0-1) at Texas Tech (0-0): As long as the over/under is around 70, I'm taking it. Texas Tech 62-21.

Florida A&M at South Florida: Perfect tuneup for the Bulls as they head into next week's game against Central Florida. USF 48-3.

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