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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Afternoon Games

Just a quick synopsis of the little I saw...


I was really impressed with how fluid the Gators looked in the first half, but whatever Urban has been preaching about this team's discipline was completely dismissed after watching them in the second half. They let Kentucky score 21 points and move the ball at will (the Wildcats also got an amazing back-door cover out of it) and I'm sure the 'new ball coach' will be fuming over that.

Leak is still afraid to take a hit and because of that the Gator run is easy to defend. Against good defensives he's going to hand off to the upback over 90% of the time. He's not even a decoy. However the young man can pass and in that aspect he continues to get better.

Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech

Holy smokes is Virginia Tech the best team in the country? I understand Reggie Ball was hurt so the Yellow Jackets struggled on offense, but my goodness they whipped a damn good defense that Jon Tenuta has been building. Marcus Vick is a better passer than his brother and he seems like he's been running the offense for three years. Meanwhile the defense is better than I originally thought and it's VERY difficult to beat the Hokies in Blacksburg when it's a big game.

Meanwhile UCF is about to snap their 17-game losing streak and USF is smoking the #9 Louisville Cardinals 31-7. What a great day for football in the state of Florida.

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