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Monday, August 29, 2005

Random Thoughts...

Just a few things I've seen around the net during my surf.

USC's schedule doesn't include a team ranked in the Top 25. So what. I give the Trojans credit for scheduling Arkansas and Fresno St. in a crunch to toughen their schedule. Fresno St. especially because it comes during a stretch run in November. The reason I have no problem with USC's schedule is because no one's clamoring to face the Trojans. No team wants to go through what Oklahoma went through last year or what Auburn went through two years ago. I seriously doubt the two-time champs are ducking the competiton.

The South Carolina hype has begun. Yesterday the line on Thursday's game against Central Florida was 18.5, today the line has jumped to 21 points. It's not to say that the Gamecocks can't beat the Knights by 21 points, believe me they are more than capable. It's just that the faith that Spurrier will run up scores is still very high.

The 'Herbies' Were Released. [] Typical Herbstreit fair as he still has a hard time balancing his outlandish homerish for Ohio State. For example he has Ted Ginn Jr. as one of the top 5 receivers in the nation when he's probably the second best receiver on his team. I can't believe the disrespect Santonio Holmes gets. And Marshawn Lynch is a top 5 running back? Over Michael Hart or LenDale White? I dunno about that Herbie.

He shows some promps for FSU, especially linebacker Ernie Sims and he shows love for FSU's home uniforms. My personal faves as well. He also says that Ole Miss has the prettiest co-eds and trust me, he ain't lying. As a matter of fact, the SEC, as good as it is in the female department, the whole conference must bow to Ole Miss. It's not even fair.

If you can get past the occasional homer comments, Herbie's writing are twenty times better than anything Matt Hayes puts on paper.

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