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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

FSU QBs Old and New...

As you notice I changed my Blogroll a bit. Dumped some dead weight, added a few from the blogpoll and I'll add more as I visit the places and leave comments.

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Still I must move on..

Interesting news at Florida State camp today in the QB battle. Drew Weatherford was on fire, throwing for over 400 yards in the scrimmage (both regulation scrimmage and situationals). The bad news is that his competition, Xavier Lee, was injured and never really got out of the gate.

I don't know how I feel about this competition. I am big on both QBs but I'm afraid one is the practice QB and one in the gamer. However the same person could be both. Right now Weatherford is definitely the practice QB, but he also might be the gamer. I wonder if FSU's offense is made for Lee. It's hard to say. In the end I expect both will see the field against Miami and we'll know pretty quickly which one has the moxie.

In other FSU quarterback news, apparently the Saints are on the verge of cutting Adrian McPherson, their fifth round draft choice. This is according to a Miami Herald report that says the Dolphins will pounce on the former Arena League player of the year if he is available [Link].

I wonder if this is a McPherson move or a Saints move. It's not out of the question for a third/fourth-stringer to ask for an early cut if they feel they can have a better opportunity elsewhere. In Miami, McPherson would be behind A.J. Feeley and Gus Frerotte on the depth chart, but that's not a very formidable pair.

BREAKING NEWS: The NCAA caves into FSU on the use of the name Seminoles [ESPN]

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