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Thursday, August 25, 2005

CFN Scans FSU-Miami...

I like CFN for what it is. Some fans throwing out some opinions and they were organized enough to find a nice little niche and make some money. Can't hate on any of them.

So they are breaking down schedules for each team and naturally I'm interested in what they have to say about Florida State-Miami. So I check Miami's schedule and here's there skinny on the Noles [Link]

Sept. 5 – at Florida State (projected finish 8-3, 6-2 in ACC) – Offense: Is this the weakest Florida State offense in since 1981? The starting quarterback situation is a potential mess with Xavier Lee not looking ready for primetime this spring, Wyatt Sexton suspended and Drew Weatherford hurt.

They probably should've updated this since it's all but certain that Weatherford will start and Lee, thanks to being forced to do the majority of the QB/receiver work alone this summer, has a dead arm. It's hard to say if either QB will be ready until the ball snaps. However, with the running backs and young receivers I doubt this will be FSU's weakest offense since 1981. BTW, I have no clue how weak FSU's offense was in 1981 or if they were just pulling a number out of their ass. Greg Allen was on the team in 1981 and they defeated Ohio State, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh on the road that year.

The best receivers are true freshmen, and the line doesn't appear to be anything special. What the Noles do have are two fantastic running backs with Leon Washington and Lorenzo Booker needing to carry the offense until Lee gets his feet wet.

Actually the best receiver in the offseason is a sophomore (De'cody Fagg) and the best receiver right now is Willie Reid, who happens to be a senior. Now don't get me wrong, the young receivers might be the best to ever come through Tallahassee. As for the line, it should be a lot better with a new coach and a new zone blocking scheme. Yes the FSU coaches are finally joining the 21st century and using zone blocking.

Talent-wise, there's enough here to be explosive after fighting through a ton of growing pains, but the jury is out on whether or not Jeff Bowden is enough of a top-shelf offensive coordinator to be able to lead the attack to a better season after finishing 61st in the nation in total offense.

Well this is better. Jeff Bowden is still in a situation where he should have to prove his worth as an offensive coordinator. Of course if his last name is still 'Bowden', he's not going anywhere so it's not as if his job is on the line.

Defense: The linebacking corps is among the best in America and safety Pat Watkins is a first round draft pick, but the rest of the defense is a major question mark after finishing seventh in the nation and fourth in scoring defense. The loss of rising star NG Clifton Dickson to academic problems and CB Antonio Cromartie to a knee injury is a huge hit for the rest of the D. The secondary will turn out to be fine if the star recruits of last year can quickly progress.

I can't argue with much here. The linebackers are the best in the nation (yes they are better than Ohio State's and Phil Steele agrees) and pat Watkins is a constant in the secondary. Losing Cromartie hurts worst than losing Dickson, but it's really all relevant because they were the two best defensive players on the team.

The good news is FSU has a ton of talent, the bad news is they are short on experience. The secondary features two first-year starters at corner and a big inconsistent question mark at rover. Kyler Hall is a great leader and teammate, but he's not good at defending the pass. As for the secondary, Gerard Ross was regularly burned last season so I expect to see hotshot freshman Trevor Ford sooner than later.

Overall CFN didn't do a bad job on this short writeup. Let's check out their full preview next week.

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